wolfestein enemy territory clean crash in 8.10

Asked by fvelilla

everytime I run wolf enemy territory 2.60b it keep exiting to ubuntu desktop by itself...I dunno what is causing this...
sound is ok, punkbuster is at the lastest version and the game is patched with 2.60b. Im running it on an intel video card.

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Gord Allott (gordallott) said :

please run the game from a terminal and post the output here:

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fvelilla (fvelilla) said :

it shutted down in mid game as always with this...

^0[^3BOT^0]^7Cartagena^7 was killed by ^0[^3BOT^0]^7Seattle^7's MP40
^0[^3BOT^0]^7Glasgow^7 was blasted by ^0[^3BOT^0]^7Cartagena^7's support fire
^0[^3BOT^0]^7Astana^7 was killed by ^0[^3BOT^0]^7Tokyo^7's MP40
et.x86: i830_vtbl.c:555: i830_emit_state: Assertion `get_dirty(state) == 0' failed.
Received signal 6, exiting...
Shutdown tty console

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Gord Allott (gordallott) said :

a signal 6 is the program itself aborting, thus it is an ID software issue, you should contact them about the issue. (enemy territory is closed source and thus there is nothing we can do about bugs inside the program).

you may also want to try some other games kind of like enemy territory, such as open arena - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games

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fvelilla (fvelilla) said :

ok i tried that. but it seems that opengl games like open arena,tremulous,wolfesteing.. gfx get garbed after a few secs.. something seems to be wrong with opengl drivers.. didnt have this problem with ver 8.04

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Simon Osborne (flibblesan) said :

Try disabling compiz from System > Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects > none

Your problem seems related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/277709 which affected Hardy. I suspect that this is caused by your Intel video and Compiz.

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fvelilla (fvelilla) said :

this helped me...thanks