Is GSM mobile GPRS(2G) dial-up connection available through GUI connection wizard in 8.10?

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People who use 2G GSM mobile GPRS to connect to internet(especially those using Data Cable rather than Bluetooth) find it hard to connect to internet on UBUNTU 8.04. Though, some, do however succeed, studying howtos posted at different blogs and forums, some just do NOT.Even those who succeed have to do it via command line while Ubuntu is expected to be "Linux for Human Beings". For example, I use LG C2600 mobile and the modem is recognised, but haven't been able to connect to internet though I have tried all guides posted on internet regarding the matter.

The new Ubuntu 8.10 has been declared as:
3G Support

For constant connectivity public WiFi has limitations. Improvements to the network manager in Ubuntu 8.10 makes it simple to detect and connect to 3G networks and manage connectivity. This connectivity is delivered through an inbuilt 3G modem, through 'dongle' support, through a mobile phone or through Bluetooth. It is a complex environment that Ubuntu 8.10 simplifies through a single interface and the auto-detection of many of the most popular devices.

on this page:

Does this mean I'll be able to connect to internet via my mobile using simple GUI of Network Manager?

Please do note that, my phone is 2G and not 3G and I have to dial *99***1# to get connected when using Windows.

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Andrew Gee (andrewgee) said :


NetworkManager has been updated to allow you to connected to mobile networks using your phone/datacard/dongle. Not all phones will be supported though. It's generally a case of trying it out and seeing if it works, although I have found that all the devices I own have worked with this new feature.

Whether your phone is 2G or 3G shouldn't matter. And you will be able to insert that *99***1# number into network manager for it to dial, although the default of *99# seems to work well on most phones. Try your *99***1# number, if the default doesn't work.

Good Luck

Andrew Gee

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Rinfinity (rinfinityplus) said :

Andrew Gee,

Thanks a lot for your response.
It's nice to know that Network manager has been updated to support mobile networks, even if that doesn't include all phones(hope, the rest will be in the next release or as an update.). As you've written " networks using your phone/datacard/dongle.. could you please be kind enough to let me know that does this include moblilephone connecting via data cable?

As for my case, since the phone was being detected as a modem- system called it something like tty/ACM0, hope, it'll be accessible through network manager this time.
Another problem, that I have is my ISP doesn't provide any "Username" or "Password"- I have to keep those fields blank in windows, but while using 8.04, it denied to connect until they were provide- it refused to accept blanks. I hope this thing is fixed in 8.10.
As for the dialup no., as far as I know it depends upon the ISP and not on the phone, though, usually ISPs keep it *99#

I'll be getting my 8.10 in 4-5 days, for I live in a corner of the world where 128kbps is called broadband, and hence can't just download it.

I'd request you to help me get internet connection configured on 8.10. If it help, I'll send u screenshots of the whole procedure that I follow to configure net connection on Windows. Please, do help me out, I want to get out the "CLOSED" Windows as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot,

R infinity

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Andrew Gee (andrewgee) said :


Yes. You can use a mobile phone via a datacable. I use my N95 that way and it works great.

Since your phone was recognised as a name of ttyACM0, it sounds very likely that it should work out of the box with network manager.

My ISP doesn't provide a username or password either. I think I could leave these blank in the options, but if not, I think I may have just typed in anything.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

Andrew Gee

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Rinfinity (rinfinityplus) said :

Andrew Gee,
Thanks a lot. I'm really excited to try the new Ubuntu as soon as possible, but seems I won't be able to until a few more days. Slow internet problem.
Will get back to you for help as soon as I get my new Ubuntu, though I'd love to get back to you with the good news that I've been able to configure internet with the new Network Manager myself!

And yes, you were right, in case of ISPs that don't require an Username and Password do get you connected if you fed them anything in that place, I mean, at least mine does and I tested this fact on my soon-to-go-redundant Windows.

Thanks a lot.

R infinity

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Andrew Gee (andrewgee) said :

Ok. Look forward to hearing from you.

Good luck.


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speedyx (speedyx) said :

I downloaded 8.10 and I was unable to configure a dialup connection throught bluetooth. I use a Nokia 6233 like modem, by bluetooth connected to the laptop.
I'm looking for a simple solution but seems kde offer an easiest solution.
I hope 9.04 or a 8.10 update will fix this.

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John Wiggins (jcwiggi) said :

ok, to start with, I have a motorola V3i and I am an American living in Tanzania East Africa. On my macintosh, I can connect to our local cell service (Zain) GPRS just fine but it appears that I have no way to get online using the GUI for 8.10. Can I get this working at all or am I just up the creek until the next version of ubuntu comes out and pray that it will work then?

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