feisty beta desktop amd64 cd live on hdtv as monitor.

Asked by peter b on 2007-04-04

This is a new title but basically the same question as in #3339 that was expired by the janitor. The only diff is that in addition I tried feisty 704 beta.

With regret, I still could not get ubuntu off the live cd; the pc response after a while -cd and hdd lights very active for approx 7-10 secs- was the same 'no signal' followed by no more activity and pc lock (reset button must be used). I tried various rezolutions at the splash screen as well as safe mode -no success.

The hdtv panel has a default rez of 1280x768 that I have no means of changing on its setup. Is this a problem of hardware detection? xorg configuration? combo floppy/usb card reader?.

I doubt very much to be a hardware problem (win xpmc installed without a hickup). The hardware is the same as under 3339.

Any ideas, suggestions, workarounds? I dearly want ubuntu on the theatre pc -how nice, fast and slick would look with beryl installed!!

peter b

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peter b (b1pete) said :

or maybe the keyboard/mouse hardware detection? The keyboard/mouse is a Gyration wireless combo. The pc has also a wireless wifi installed that talks to an access point-router.

peter b

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peter b (b1pete) said :

Hello to all,

Today, Easter Sunday, a friend brought over to try his open SUSE DVD on this stubborn PC that wouldn't load Ubuntu Linux off live cd. To my total surprise it loaded SUSE Linux with no problem. Sure it has to be configured as far as networking is concerned -the PC has a builtin ethernet as well as wireless. But it detected all hardware with no glitches and presented the SUSE desktop. Moreover, during detection and config process it displayed on screen evrything it was doing, nice to see if any problems develop and where at this very critical stage.

It is my hope that Ubuntu will find its way on this PC too; sometime soon? The other household PC's are all on Ubuntu and I'm quite satisfied.

peter b

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Alan Pope 🍺🐧🐱 πŸ¦„ (popey) said :

Chances are the Suse CD is newer than the Ubuntu one you have used?

In a week or so 7.04 is released and you may have more success. You can also reconfigure the xwindows environment using the following command:-

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

And follow the prompts.

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peter b (b1pete) said :

Nice to hear from you, Alan and tx for the reply.

The openSUSE is 10.2; I have no clue whether is newer than Feisty beta that I tried last. For sure it a final realease it is not a beta like Feisty. No doubt that I'll try Feisty 704 as you mentioned -it's no far off.

As far as reconfigure of xserver - can it be done before ubuntu is up? at a command prompt? at this stage I'm still fighting to get a Linux Desktop off either live CD or HD which for reasons unknown to me I couldn't achieve; the 'no signal' mssg pops up either while using the live CD or during a boot off HD install.

I would appreciate some more input re reconfiguring xserver before hardware detection.

peter b

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Alan Pope 🍺🐧🐱 πŸ¦„ (popey) said :

Yes, you can reconfigure whilst ubuntu is up. The change will only take effect when the xserver is restarted with:-

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart

You didn't mention what make and model of video adapter you have. That would be useful to know.

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peter b (b1pete) said :

It is an ATI x700 PRO/256MB.

I read quite a bit about the ATI adapters under Ubuntu - open source drivers, proprietary drivers. AIGLX, GLX configurations etc. I'm quite aware of the situation with the ATI proprietary drivers as well as the Xorg support. Some of the url's that I've been consulting are below


All in all I can say that the links above are v good an informative and that I had great success implementing -on one old PC with Feisty beta an ATI AGP 9600SE/256MB the open source driver-AIGLX-Beryl works flawlessly (not as spanky-fast as other PC's but v good and steady); on another PC with Edgy an ATI x1300/256MB the fglrx of Xorg driver-Xgl-Beryl again works flawelessly and v fast and steady. Mind you, I noticed that X700 is somewhere in the gray area so to speak. Would this be the reason that ubuntu kicks back with 'no signal' mssg? but again, why SUSE manages somehow this and gives me a desktop with the same adapter?

I hope the above is of help.

peter b

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peter b (b1pete) said :


After trying (on and off for a while) to Custom Install Ubuntu Linux, this exercise got me nowhere. I'm fully aware that each distro has its particular requirements so I fiddled with what I could find (particular to other distros,etc). So far I was unable to find a good, meaningful Ubuntu Custom Install howto starting with copying the CD image to a partition of my choice, configuring the kernel for my particular PC and ending up with a graphical Ubuntu Desktop.

If you're aware of such please indicate an url.

TX, peter b

ps. it would be great if is for Feisty. Tx again.

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peter b (b1pete) said :

For sure I'll wait until the final Feisty is released as mentioned by Alan. However, if I may make a small humble suggestion:

I could see that in Edgy's case the preseed file has a commented line that will allow (if uncommented) a LCD panel to be set-up; the default appears to be a normal 4:3 monitor. It would be very nice to give the user at install time (probably immediately after kernel decompression before the keyboard) the alternative to pick and choose (function of what display installed) between a normal monitor and a LCD which in most cases is a wide 16:9 or 16:10 aspect with a given rez that can be entered and passed to the kernel. From past experience with the defunct Libra this approach worked v well.

From what I could gather, it appers that there is a subtle diff between a LCD monitor and HDTV LCD TV used as monitor. All the other PC's in the household have LCD monitors that were detected correctly -make, type- but the rez was always detected as normal for 4:3 monitors.

I'm looking forward and hope that after Feisty's relaese a Custom Install howto will be made available.

Regards, peter b

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peter b (b1pete) said :

Feisty amd64 alternate installed OK with a vesa video driver. But when it comes to configure and harness the ATI's full adapter capabilities it is a totally different experience. To the point:

-there is an open source driver for some ATI adapters supported by xorg and ubuntu; see details as to which adapters can use it on the url above posted. Basically, this driver works good, AIGLX is ok and Beryl can easily be installed.

-there are quite a few other ATI adapters (x700, X800 ..) that are in a 'grey area' so to speak as far as xorg and ubuntu are concerned. These adapters will not accept or accept on limited basis the xorg ubuntu open source driver. (I could not make any of them work with the open source driver)

-then there is a third category of ATI adapters (x1300 and up) that there is no support whatsoever as far as xorg ubuntu is concerned. For these two latter categories -X700 and up one would have to use the proprietary ATI drivers or, as ubuntu calls them 'restricted' fglrx drivers that work under Edgy v well with XGL and Beryl.

As far as Feisty is concerned. the restricted fglrx driver that comes from xorg from what I can gather, when enabled under System-Administration pure and simple does not work -the system boots OK but in the final stages when the desktop should display there is a blank screen with no message of any kind and practically a locked system -reset button must be used. I have tried it on two different PC's the results were the same.

Searching some answers to this event that, without any doubt the fglrx driver creates within Feisty kernel and probably xorg, I found out that ATI issued a new linux driver on apr 18,2007 that supports linux 2.6.20 kernel which is the Feisty kernel at launch time.

Is there any chance that the restricted fglrx driver offered in Feisty can be made to work? or, is there a meaningful Ubuntu howto in order to build the latest ATI proprietary driver good for feisty 2.6.20 and eventually recompile the kernel if needed?.

Thanks and regards,
peter b

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Best peter b (b1pete) said :

Well, here it is; in spite of all my good efforts in the past several months (see also #3339) to get Ubuntu off live CD or HD on this PC all came to failure -the nagging 'no signal' message was a wall that I could not penetrate. I am not a linux/ubuntu guru able to get into the kernel bowels to pin down the reasons as to why this PC refused stubbornly to accept ubuntu. All other 3 PC's in the household are on Ubuntu of various flavours and chug along very happily. I would have loved to have this ASUS based PC on ubuntu too but it did not cooperate, why? very hard to say. From my point of view the failure has something to do with either the kernel, the video adapter probbing and/or configuration, xorg or all combined.

However, this is something for the developers to find out that are much more knowledgeable than me on how the distro is put together.

As I mentioned in a previous posting, on the same PC openSUSE live CD was accepted with no problems; it gave a desktop with no problems. So, I decided the other day to try an install on the HD. Everything went OK except as I said earlier the wireless configuration (the ethernet wired connection was recognized OK). Today I proceeded installing and configuring the wireless connection via ndiswrapper with the win driver. Everything went as smooth as butter. Now I have a happy linux on the home theatre PC with a big 37in monitor/screen. Tomorrow I'll attempt an ATI driver installation followed by Beryl; hopefully all wil work good.

I'm saddened that I must have 2 flavours of linux in the household; I would have preferred ubuntu but again, what can one do if the PC did not like it. Even so I'm happy that the process of converting from win to linux is finished in this household -no more new win installations here, whatever is already installed will die a natural death. So long windows.

peter b