ubuntu is not booting past splash screen after i installed broken theme no idea how to fix help!!!!

Asked by quatz on 2008-09-22

i installed a broken theeme an now i can not get past the splash screen and is un responsive i also get a box the size of the splash screen in the topleft hand corner i can get to recovery mode but i have no idea how to use the termanal i have only started useing ubuntu in the past month

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quatz (dkneeboner) said : #1


quatz (dkneeboner) said : #2

i am using ubuntu 8.4 "atempting to try an return shell to default settings with tutorial i found on the net please i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew (and471) said : #3

Well if you are sure it is the bootsplash causing the problem, go into recovery mode (a root shell) and type the following command in

apt-get remove --purge usplash

Then click enter. This will get rid of the bootsplash, and instead at boot, you will see text, however after you have booted successfully, you will need to reinstall uplash and select a working theme.

quatz (dkneeboner) said : #4

ill try this but i know it is not the splash screen causing the problem when i say splash screen i mean the one after login where you see the progrens loding like nautilus and gnome panel and how do i reinstall usplash

quatz (dkneeboner) said : #5

and when i say theme i mean the window border

quatz (dkneeboner) said : #6

also can someone help me change the window border theme to the default human theme in the root shell

quatz (dkneeboner) said : #7

the apt get remove purge usplash thing did NOT FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!! when i say splash screen i mean the one after login where you see the progrens loding like nautilus and gnome pane

Andrew (and471) said : #8

All Right!

You said boot splash so I told you to remove usplash, so next time please try and describe clearer. Right, boot into recover mode (root shell) and type in the command

cd /home/<username>

(where <username> is your username on ubuntu so :

cd /home/rugby471

Would be what I would type in)

Then type the command:

cp -r .themes THEMES_OLD

(This will copy the directory with all themes in, so that later you can get back at them if you wish)

Then type the command

rm -rf .themes

This will then delete the /themes directory, where all themes are, so that next time you logon, Ubuntu will try to load that theme, see that it is not there and so apply the default theme, you may then go into System > Preferences > Appearance when you have sucessfully booted to change it to something you like).

If you have uninstalled usplash, type in

apt-get install usplash

To reinstall it. Hope this helps!

quatz (dkneeboner) said : #9

thanks but i decided to reinstall ubuntu 8.4lts from the distro cd that came in the mail today
but i will write this down for when i get this problem again
thanks quatz

quatz (dkneeboner) said : #10

this problem is now solved