installing Microsoft office under wine

Asked by Ricci

We have a client who insists on having MS Office under Ubuntu, but hey, at least he's not going back to windows. Anyway, is there a way it can be installed under wine? At the moment wine doesn't recognise the setup files.

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Philipp Meier (meier-philipp) said :

Well which Version of Ubuntu (wine) and office are we talking about?
But I did successfully install Office 2003 on an Ubuntu 8.04, but to be honest I did only try Excel, Word, Powerpoint. Which worked flawlessly!

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Daniel Schwitzgebel (schwitzd) said :

What office you want to install? 2003 or 2007?

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Bhavani Shankar (bhavi) said :
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Ricci (riccisayer) said :

Sorry guys, its Hardy, and an update fixed the immediate problem, but now it refuses the key. Tried another version of office same thing, it says it's the wrong key.

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Ricci (riccisayer) said :

Tried following the above links, couldn't see the video clearly enough to follow it. Reinstalled wine and then tried Office XP, it stalled again on the product key, claiming it was incorrect. Used a multi licence version of Office XP for small business, it ran the installation, but then just hung and so we then tried just Word and that fell at the Product key hurdle. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Hemanth (hemanth-hm) said :

As for why formatting differs between Office and OpenOffice, it's the fonts your using. Some fonts like Times New Roman and Arial are only available by installing them seperately to OpenOffice, I used to have the same gripe with Verdana, favourite font wasn't available with OpenOffice so I cracked it, but if you install them (search the forum for "windows fonts")_ the formatting should come out identical.

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Hemanth (hemanth-hm) said :

This howto should help ease the process of installing Microsoft Office 2007 under Wine 1.0 in Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. I should note that after all was said and done, I ended up going back to and sometimes AbiWord. There were just too many small bugs that made the experience frustrating. If I need to run Office 2007, I now do so in either VMWare or Windows XP.

Get the WineTricks package which will allow you to install needed run times for Microsoft Office 2007.


Make the file executable and transfer to your /usr/local/bin directory for easy execution.

chmod a+x winetricks
sudo mv winetricks /usr/local/bin

Change the Windows Version to Windows Vista and click Apply.

Go to the libraries tab and add an override for rpcrt4.dll and msxml3.dll, then click OK.

Now you will need to update a needed dll.

mv ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/rpcrt4.dll ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/rpcrt4.bak
mv rpcrt4.dll ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/

mv ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/msxml3.dll msxml3.bak

Run winetricks and install the run times.


A popup will appear with a list of run time :

Here are the run times I checked:

MS .NET 2.0

Grab some tea or coffee, this will take a bit… You will now go through a bunch of installers.

Grab your Microsoft Office 2007 CD and install the application. Be patient as it may seem like its stalling around 60% through the process.

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Hemanth (hemanth-hm) said :
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Hemanth (hemanth-hm) said :

I hope u have already did this

   1. Install Wine
   2. Select Applications>Wine>Configure Wine to bring the Wine Configuration dialog box.
   3. Select Windows Version as Windows Vista from the Applications Tab
   4. Override two dll files rpcrt4.dll and msxml3.dll from Libraries tab. Override them to be Native (Windows)
   5. Download rpcrt4.dll file. Click here and save it on your desktop.
   6. Open the c_drive from Wine menu
   7. Delete rpcrt4.dll and msxml3.dll files from Windows/System32 directory.
   8. Copy the downloaded rpcrt4.dll file into Windows/System32 directory
   9. Download msxml3.msi file from Microsoft download site (here is the direct link for your convenience).
  10. Install msxml3.msi file from the Terminal window by issuing msiexec /i msxml3.msi
  11. Double click on setup.exe file from your MS Office 2007 installation CD. If it doesn’t work just type wine setup.exe from the Terminal window.
  12. Follow the normal installation procedures.

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Ricci (riccisayer) said :

Hermanth, Thanks very much for all the help. It's now up and running.


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Hemanth (hemanth-hm) said :

Ricci no problem :)

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onegatif19 (onegatif19) said :

hi, i ve a French version of Office 2007 and it seems that this doesn't work!! :(

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Muhammad Shoaib (error404notfound) said :

I have Microsoft Office 2007 with Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope.
I follow the ubuntuforums post and download the deb file for 1.1.14 hardy for amd64.

I was able to install office just fine but now at the start of a new blank document i get an error:
"Microsoft Office Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

The information you were working on might be lost. Microsoft Office Word can try to recover it for you.

[ ] Recover my work and restart Microsoft Office Word

[Debug] [CLOSE]

I try Debug and now get:
"Exception Raised
Unimplemented function rpcrt4.dll.I_RpcExceptionFilter called at address 0x7b845110
Do you wish to debug it?
[Yes] [No]

I have tried overriding rpcrt4.dll with native/builtin, same goes for other dlls listed at ubuntu community page but no use.

Anyone has an idea?