Asked by Tom on 2008-07-25

I log into the internet this morning and received a little box saying XP virus scan had detected some virus's and asked me if I wanted them to scan and remove. I immediately logged off and then tried again but got a similiar box. XP?? Windows?? I only have ubuntu 8.04 for an OS. Can someone enlighten me please on what this is and what to do?? Thanks


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Jensen Somers (jsomers) said :

Can you explain more about the pop up box?

Was it a Firefox box, an Ubuntu tool tip or pop up box, which website were you visiting...

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Charles Profitt (cprofitt) said :


I am going to guess you got this pop-up when you launched your browser...

If that is the case this is one of those 'trojans' that Windows users are attacked with and only works if you follow the 'advice' in the pop-up.

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Tom (jhallfolkart) said :

In answer to the first response it was a firefox box. That is my default browser, however I was visiting an page. In answer to the second question yes when I opened my browser. I shut everything down. When I just now tried to open firefox again it started running a windows like scan it said to detect viruses and it was very difficult to figure out how to stop it. I tried right clicking and then clicked on what I believe was a command that said block images. It would bring up a window that said Viruses had not been cleared and I could lose data, etc. If I did not load or run this software! Eventually I just clicked on my home link and it took me to my home page which is Google. Hope that helps, Thanks for the help.

Also can I and should I load some security measures. I was under the impression that Ubuntu would eliminate that need? Do I need to check for this virus somehow?

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Tom (jhallfolkart) said :

Now my browser is hosed!! No minimize or exit button, no way to get out of it. Also it flashes the screen. I got something bad!!

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Shane Fagan (shanepatrickfagan) said :

If your having a problem id say you should Try clamAV its a virus scanner.
Go to add/remove software in applications and type virus scanner

Hope that helps
Shane Fagan

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Sam_ (and-sam) said :

Hi Tom
even it's hard try to keep calm.
Think about that there is no Linux virus "out in the wild", therefore a virus scanner checks for 'Windows' viruses.
There is of course an interest of warnings about viruses for Win.. users and getting them to install appropriate or unapprobiate software. Just don't klick on anything and you'll be fine.

Backup your bookmarks.
Remove or rename the folder .mozilla (hidden in your home/user directory)
For messages of failure start firefox in a terminal.
Install chkrootkit and rkhunter, read their specifications.

Further there exist link checkers as a website
or as addon [dr.web]

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Tom (jhallfolkart) said :

Thanks all for the great input. I am still trying to sort through it everything. My main problem when I got it was the pop up box offered no way to click out of it. So I shut down the computer, then when I brought the browser up again it popped up again then things went screwy. I sort of over-reacted and used kill disk and re-loaded ubuntu. I always keep things backed up and on seperate portable media so no major issues there. It is good to know there is a virus package in the library and I am trying to learn more about the IDS and Firewall stuff as well as the other links that have been offered up. With all this info I think I will just click on this one solved and if I get stuck again I will just re-post. Thanks again to all.