Cannot run Ubuntu... I have ATI RADEON X700SE...only runs with XP... I need drivers,GDM, fix, idea, or something, and install help

Asked by Bob Rogers on 2008-07-22

I built this computer almost 2 years ago in an emergency ( ebay business) situation. THere were no video boards in town that supported anything other than XP only. SO... I slammed all together and tried to load Ubuntu 5.10. The ATI Radeon X700SE is not supported. I took it to a friend that owns a computer / electronics shop who knows and uses Linux (Ubuntu at home thanks to me) . We checked over the build and all was good. he tried also to install. no luck. Being that this is an XP only board we found that I needed,(as his note states), "GDM to configure graphics". We got online and spent hours trying to find a remedy source for this problem. I am still running XP, (which I hate with a passion). Is there a fix for this???? If not I will buy or build another computer as I have too much data in this now for an easy switch.... What is the best and fastest video board for Ubuntu? I need TV out and 3D... What is the best system period?
When I called someone there at Ubuntu 2 years or so ago I requested a disk and they asked if any friends might try. They sent me 40 PC and 5 MAC. All are gone and my friends all love it. I'm the only one left. Kind of ironic.

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peter b (b1pete) said : #1

hello Bob Rogers,

any pc will do just nicely obviously with the inherent drawbacks due to cpu speed (lower response time), some odd adapters that that did not get support built into the kernel yet (but in the vast majority they can be made functional, all in all like with win that it appears you're familiar.

so, since your last experience with ubuntu - 2 some years ago - there were quite a few, at least 4 new releases/distributions available all more up to date than the previous ones - ubuntu is a continuous enhancement project - new distros are released every 6 months that incorporate the ever changing hardware availability.

in my case, I have two pc's one with a msi motherboard and an old athlon 32 palomino cpu with 1gb ram and an ati 9250 adapter and it works flawelessly with a wireless usb dongle; the second has a foxconn mb with 3gb ram and ati 1300 adapter and an amd64x2 cpu and, again, it works in excellent conditions be it via a wired or wireless interface to the outside world. v important to note - on both I have installed the latest ubuntu distro called heron 804 desktop and like you, both pc's were built by me.

I'd recommend to download the latest ubuntu heron 804 release for your cpu - either i386 or amd64 - , check the downloaded iso file md5sum, burn it to a cd, verify cd's integrity and install it. there are two 'flavours' of distribution for each - one is called live cd the other alternate cd, the first is what the name says - install first off cd and work off cd, no install to hd, however, it gives you the option that once inst off cd you can install it to hd; the second, alternate cd, is straight install procedure to hd.

govern yourself - pick one of the options above and give it a whirl, you won't be disappointed and frustrated that you do not have ubuntu installed yet.

peter b

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