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Asked by Danbro Ronce

I would like to be able to build my own OS. Are there any sites that will allow my to pick and choose what i want and build it for me where i can install it on a LiveCD? Where can i get the source code for all of ubuntu? I have NetBeans installed on Windows. Can i say get the source for the Open Office Word Processer, copy and paste it into NB, and the click build and run. Will this open the Word Processer just like it would if i would have clicked on the application? Is there a place that i can get all the source code and them like click on a folder that says open office then click on the PowerPoint equivlant and open the code like that? I have not much programing experience, I dont remember any codes, i just only get a code, learn what the lines do, edit them to my standards, then can never code from scratch becausee i cannot remember. What language is ubuntu in? How do i make my code 'Closed' source? Would it be possiable to use Visual Studio to sort of create an os that uses menus and such to open programs? I no that this may seem like much but i am very interested in OSs and programing. If i can run ubuntu from NB, would that allow my to be able to run it on Windows. I would like it to be like and app, where you type in your username and password then it opens the Desktop. From there you can run the programs just like in Ubuntu. Like the OS is an app running in windows.

Is there a way to install programs on the liveCD. Like I have several programs that can also run in linix, will anything that has a download for linix also run in Ubuntu, would i be able to have them where i can run them in ubuntu? Would i have to download the corrrect installer for linux, save it on the HD, under Windows, the reboot my PC, run from the liveCD, click on the HD and find the installer and then install in under ubuntu? If i can where will it be stored, like can i put it under the documents folder on ubuntu and will it be saved on the CD or on the HD, is the pic and doc folder for ubuntu on the HD or on the LiveCD? Are all the features that are availible if i install ubuntu on my HD also avaliable on the LiveCD? If i decide to install something under ubuntu, does the CD become the HD for ubuntu so i can take that cd to any computer and the files will be there, or will it put it on the HD.

Again I know that is is very long and the last part is kinda off-topic but as I said earlier, I am very interested in OSs and programing.

P.S. Sorry for all the times I used like. I dont usually talk or write that way but I couldn't find how to word it.

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Bhavani Shankar (bhavi) said :


Long long long question

1st part:

Firstly remember that the linux kernel itself is Linux (Ubuntu or fedora or RH or debian) so if you are interested in coding you can get into the internals of linux kernel mate

secondly since you want to build from sratch a linux os and see how the os works here is a gratifying and fulfilling resource

Download linux from scratch here:

More info:

2nd part:

Short answer is NO

Explanation: If you save a program on the Live CD it gets stored in the RAM and you can use it for current session only (because RAM is volatile memory) So its intended for usage as a demo to get a feel of things inside and you cant use the live CD as a HD


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Jonathan Marsden (jmarsden) said :

You can get the source of all Ubuntu packages from the Ubuntu package repositories. For example includes tar.gz files with the original sources for several versions of, along with the corresponding .diff.gz and .dsc files.

You can't just throw everything into Eclipse, software development is generally a little more complex that that :-)

If you want to work at building an OS "from scratch", you may be interested in the LFS (Linux From Scratch) project, see for info. Reading their (free, online) LFS book might be of interest to you.


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Harvey Muller (hlmuller) said :


You will want to start with linuxfromscratch to build an OS. After you have learned that, then move on the the LiveCD stuff.

If this resolves your question, please return to Launchpad and mark this solved.



p.s. I spent significant time with Linux From Scratch. It requires much work and time. But you will learn a lot in the process.

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