how to get ubuntu to auto start

Asked by sunshineuser on 2008-07-16

Hi I am new to Ubuntu but willing to give anything a try. I am trying to set up Ubuntu 8.04 as a fileserver but without a keyboard and monitor attached.
I found some instructions on thenet which were great except they were for the previous release of Ubuntu which seems to have had some features this one doesn't

I have 2 Questions

 1. How can I get Ubuntu to logon without having to enter a userid and password. Ie when I power it on I don't want to go through the logon screen (I can't get there as it doesn't/won't exist)

 2. How can I get the server to "sleep" when not in use (the power management just shuts it down, with the message "policy does not allow sleep" ) and then wake on LAN

 I have everything else set up and I can control the machine using Putty through my Laptop and wired/wireless network.

 Also in case anyone has the code - I have a D-link fast ethernet card which only connects at 10mbps how can I force it to 100 Full duplex


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Jensen Somers (jsomers) said : #1

I can only answer the first question.

Go to the Administration > Login Window menu. In one of the tabs you should be able to select which account should boot by default.

Best Bhavani Shankar (bhavi) said : #2


1. on System -> Administration -> Login Window
       2.Course to the Security tab.
       3. Enable the checkbox for Enable Automatic Login
       4. Select your user account from the drop-down list of users.

To autologin to Ubuntu Server you will need to get mingetty

sudo apt-get intall mingetty

Then you will want to edit /etc/event.d/tty1 and change the following

exec /sbin/getty 38400 tty1


exec /sbin/mingetty –autologin your_username tty1

To autologin on tty1

2.There are two kinds of sleep modes actually: suspend to RAM = sleep, suspend to HDD = hibernate. If the PC is in suspend to RAM mode, it should wake with any keystroke or mouse movement. Hibernate waking needs a simple push at the power button (the push shouldn't last more than a few milliseconds though or it could do a hard shutdown).

Next for that

open /etc/default/acpi-support with your favourite editor and uncomment the line ACPI_SLEEP=true

More info:


sunshineuser (johnul) said : #3

Thanks Bhavani Shankar, that solved my question.

Bhavani Shankar (bhavi) said : #4

Glad that it cleared your doubts.... :)