Add root privilieges to a new user account

Asked by Emad William on 2008-07-15


I deleted my user account and created a new from terminal using "adduser" command.
Using this new user, I couldn't access any program that needed root privilieges.

I edited the /etc/sudoers file and added my new account this way:
       emad ALL=(ALL) ALL

After that, I could use the sudo command and run programs that need root privilieges, but from terminal only.
That I couldn't neither unlock the network and user settings (graphical mode) nor Add/Remove programs using GUI...

Please help me.

P.S : I use Ubuntu Hardy

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Tobias Wolf
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Emad William (emadwilliam) said : #1

By the way:
when i try to use network or user settings it gives me this msg :
     "Could not authenticate"
     "An unexpected error has occurred"

Best Tobias Wolf (towolf) said : #2

Since you looked into sudoers already you might have noticed the bottom two lines:

# Members of the admin group may gain root privileges
%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL

This means just add your user to the admin group. On the shell use

adduser emad admin

That should do it.

Emad William (emadwilliam) said : #3

Thanks Tobias Wolf, that solved my question.