Sorry! I just can't fix this - Won't load after install...

Asked by Justin HP on 2008-07-07

Hi All

I think this is quite a common problem, but it's not really been answered in a simple way here - or anywhere!

Just installed the latest Xubuntu Alternate Install (due to very low spec laptop) to a Tosh Satellite S1800-700 about 7 years old, it's still with the original RAM as I've found it tricky to get an upgrade, 128 I think; I'm just updating to lend to a friend in need, and XP was horrendous to get going, so I thought I'd have a play with Linux, and I'm nearly there.

It's all installed OK (although there's no LAN etc, so when it finally loads who knows what will be wrong & missing), I'm at the restart after install stage, all seems OK but it hangs after the splash screen with a cmd line, then goes black. I've tried to disable the screen buffers by editing the bios with vga=normal or vga=788 or similar number that I think will suite my graphics but to no avail. Does anyone know what to do next, I'm about to give up, which would be a great shame, as I feel I'm almost there.

Total Linux newbie by the way, so be gentle.

Cheers - Justin (Surrey)

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Rafik Ouerchefani (rafik) said : #1


"then goes black."...
If you let it work for a while, what happens ?

It may be a recurrent resolution configuration issue during the startup. Wait for 3 or 4 minutes, if it works after that we will continue solving your problem.


Hi Rafik

Thanks for helping.

Just having another go now actually, I'm at about 5 mins now - always hopeful ;-)

Doesn't seem to be any HDD activity, noise/ lights etc.

I could be totally wrong, but it does feel like a display problem (although the splash screen was fine). I found one forum entry somewhere saying that there can be a problem with this laptop graphics and Ubuntu/Xubuntu!

At nearly 7 mins now and still black.

Cheers - Justin

- Booting from Ubuntu live install cd:
 * if you are in trouble with screen graphic user interface
   (usually the screen is black with a blinking cursor or screen out of range message):
- first try to dynamically change screen resolution please the press CTRL + ALT + "+" and/or CTRL + ALT + "-"
- Try to restart the graphic layer press CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE

If you are still in trouble... please reboot your pc and starting with Ubuntu live cd please try to put some common Ubuntu kernel live cd options you can find the boot options howto here:

Remove the "splash" and "quiet" options to see more boot infos message and/or errors.
Then try some commons parameters by putting them one by one or together:
noacpi nolapic nodma all_generic_ide

Hope this helps

Hi Marco

Many thanks for all those options, I'm giving them a try as we speak.

I've also thought to try and download all the missing stuff that the laptop can't get because it's not online, and burn it to a disk, maybe that will help!!!! Xubuntu has just shown me the addresses it's tried to get data from, like this - we'll see!

Cheers very much - Justin

Tang (robertmcgreg) said : #5

Once installed, Xubuntu can run with 192 MB RAM, but it is strongly recommended to have at least 256 MB RAM.

Do you think it wise for a newbie to ignore a strong recommendation?

Another option would be to try a minimal Linux OS such as
And graduate to Ubuntu from there

Hi Tang

Well XP was running reasonably after everything had loaded, you just couldn't do too much or too quickly. I have bought memory for this system before, so I'm definitely not ignoring anyone, but it didn't fit so I had to return it. Most sites don't carry compatible RAM for this laptop, but the few that do are showing it up to £70 ($125) and there's no guarantee it will be the right one as before. I'm only trying to get this system going to lend to a friend as a stop gap, and they would rather spend the money on a new PC in a few months than on this outdated PC now; so now you know my tricky situation.

As for graduating to Ubuntu, although I'm no Windows fan, even less so with the awful Vista, I'm going to have to stick with XP on my own system for the moment due to time contraints, and Ubuntu definitely won't be going on the old laptop.

Thanks - Justin

Tang (robertmcgreg) said : #7

Hi, Justin
In that case, wouldn't it be fair to the others who are still allocating time to help you, and others waiting for help behind you, to mark your questions solved?

I'm SOOOOOO sorry I didn't know that that's how it worked on here, this obviously isn't the place for me, and Linux/ Uxbuntu isn't the warm fuzzy operating system I've been lead to believe if you're a good example of it, I'll just get lost then - goodbye!

Not everyone knows as much as you, haven't you heard of patience & humility!!!!


"....Doesn't seem to be any HDD activity, noise/ lights etc...."

Please try to press CTRL+ALT+F2 to discover if you can get terminal access...

If you can get terminal access may be some regarding your video card...

"....I could be totally wrong, but it does feel like a display problem (although the splash screen was fine). I found one forum entry somewhere saying that there can be a problem with this laptop graphics and Ubuntu/Xubuntu!"

Yes may be a diplay issue

Then i think on a 128 mb you can install the linux Slackware distribution

Hope this helps