Updating gnome menu (Advanced)

Asked by Torbjörn Hed on 2007-02-13

I am looking for solution to be able to edit the gnome meny beyond the Alacarte possibilites.

Is there a tool that I can use to update or remove the menyselections under System > Help ?

Same scenario. Is it possible to remove connect to server under the "places" top meny?

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Well, there might be way, I haven't been able to find where this information is stored nevertheless.

As to the locations menu, I fear it might be hard-coded. If so, you can't really change anything on the places menu.

On the other hand, using Alacarte you can change anything with the other two menu's. What do you want to do with them that's not possible with Alacart?

Torbjörn Hed (torbjorn-hed) said : #2

The locations menu is ok with me. I can live with it. But I want to find a way to remove and update for example ,"read excerpt from the Ubuntu book ". This is a silly menu and I dont want it on my system. I also want to add a customized help meny item to the help submenu under system main menu.

I saw a post on one of the Ubuntu lists, and emailed the person with the same kind of dilemma as me. However he could not fully remember how he did to solve the problem..but he gave me this info:

download gnome-panel source code , and can find all the patchs of ubuntu to this code in /debian/patchs/ directory , get rid of the file which name contains "submenu", and rebuild this package, install the package and re-login you will file the submenu item of help is dismiss.

However, I cant find the /debian/patchs/directory. And the explaination above is somewhat cryptic.

Thanks for your time!

Best Torbjörn Hed (torbjorn-hed) said : #3

Curiuos about Feisty 7.04, I downloaded and installed the herd 4 cd. As it seems, in Feisty 7.04, Ubuntu has removed the help submeny from the system main meny, and replaced it with a help menu that links directly to a webpage.... So even if the problem is not solved for me in Edgy, it is not worth spending time on it since it is indirectly solved for me in Feisty.

I marking this support request as solved. Thanks for any time looking into it.