Power goes off suddenly!

Asked by Sriman

Hi All,

This problem is probably not related to ubuntu, but still I would really appreciate your help. The power supply in my PC goes off suddenly, without any warning. It doesn't restart, but just goes. When it goes, even the power button in my Micro ATX cabinet doesn't function. On some of my friend's advice, I have changed the CMOS battery and the data bus for my IDE hard disk (new one). Please tell me what might be the possible cause.

Let me know if any more information is needed from my end.


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Murali Krishna Marimekala (murali-marimekala) said :

Hi Sriram,

Few things we would like to know before answering your question.

1. Are you using a laptop or a PC ?
2. If PC do you have UPS (Uninterrupted power supply) which is in good condition ?
3. Will there be any power fluctuations in your place ?
4. How often you are facing this problem ?
5. Have you observed any logs after improper shutdown ?


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Sriman (srimanravinarayan) said :

Hi Murali,

Thanks for your reply.
1. I am using a PC, a bit old one.
2. I have a new UPS, bought only a month ago.
3. I do have power fluctuations in my place. But this power problem doesn't seem to occur at the time of fluctuations.
4. Sometimes my PC runs without a single problem even for two non-stop days. Once this problem comes, it even happens that the power is not consistent for a whole minute. If I leave the PC untouched for a night, then again it goes fine. Can't figure out exactly where the problem comes from.
5. Whenever the PC starts up, it shows no sign of an improper shutdown.


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Abc (abcdefghijk-deactivatedaccount) said :

It seems to be a power supply problem, it's probably broken. Have you tried replacing it? Even so Murali Krishna Marimekala is right, more information is needed to solve your problem.

Also I think this problem has nothing to do with Ubuntu.

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Abc (abcdefghijk-deactivatedaccount) said :

Sorry for my last information request, I hadn't yet read your reply. I had the same problem than you a few months ago and the problem was the power supply. I suggest you to replace it with a new one. This should fix your problem.

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Murali Krishna Marimekala (murali-marimekala) said :


Yes as Ramon told its not problem with Ubuntu.Check whether heatsink is having proper contact with CPU. I mean its seated correctly or not. One more thing is about fans. Check fans of SMPS and CPU are working fine and no dust is sitting on them. Please let us know if you have any problem after going through this process.


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Sriman (srimanravinarayan) said :

Thanks a lot guys!!!

I will do the same.