can't connect to internet on ubuntu 8.04 by wireless ethernet conn. no problem

Asked by shadowvarns on 2008-05-24

I just downloaded Ubuntu 8.04 today and am having trouble getting connected to the internet. I cannot connect at all and my houses wireless internet wont show up on the connection manager thing. anyone know how to fix it? if u need more info about my computer just tell me.

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peter b (b1pete) said : #1


- did you install 804 to hd pls ?
- if YES then in a terminal window pls do


in order shown and copy/paste the output of ALL commands here. we'll pick it up from there.

btw, how did you get access to this site if you cannot connect to internet ? do you have another os installed and can access internet sites ? or maybe another pc ?

peter b

shadowvarns (mylesvarns) said : #2

no i did not install it on my hd yet, i am using a live cd. do i need to install it on the hd to use internet?
im on my friends pc that has windows xp, so thats how i am able to access the internet

peter b (b1pete) said : #3

ok, I understand.

now, if you're just using the live cd for a live session there are couple of things that must be mentioned

- first, if the pc that you're having the ubuntu live session with HAS a wired connection the live cd should recognize it and allow you to connect to internet; same thing is valid if you decide to run the live on your pc if it has a wired connection. in case you're not familiar, the live cd session WILL NOT MODIFY OR ALTER the pc setup in any way --> everything is run off the cd and memory.

- as far as wireless connections are concerned, there is a v good chance that the wifi device will be recognized by the live session, however, there are situations that it will not be; in the latter case then the device will have to be 'tweaked' so to speak (probably going as far as installing win drivers which the user of that device has purchased and has rights of use, configuration of an open source driver for that particular chipset etc) why ? because ubuntu by definition is an OPEN/FREE OS and DOES NOT USE OR INCLUDE PROPRIETARY drivers ONLY OPEN SOURCE drivers that may or may not be available for that particular device (in case the manufacturer/proprietary of that driver makes available its code as a free resource then ubuntu will use it). now, in order to do such 'tweaks' under a live session all the good work done to get a wifi connection up and running will be lost once the session is closed/finished, so why go to that length if it can not be saved.

you can run those commands I mentioned in the live session, no harm at all but it will be OF REAL HELP if the system is installed to hd where the configuration/setup files can be saved for future use so that the user ends up with a fully configured and working system.

hope this helps.

peter b

shadowvarns (mylesvarns) said : #4

my wireless card is a realtek RTL8185 54M Wireless LAN Network Adapter.

Tony Mugan (tmugan) said : #5

According to the list of supported hardware the 8185L is supported

Running an lspci will show us what the card is detected as.

peter b (b1pete) said : #6


I could see no lspci command ouput.

so, based on the ONLY info --> RTL8185 provided AND Tony Mugan's input to this thread, the best I can do is to direct you to some url's that will point out some issues that other users had with this particular chipset drivers install as well as the way they solved them WHILE USING HARDY 804.

re Tony's recommended url --> I could see that's valid for dapper and edgy distros FOR RTL8185L NOT RTL8185 YOU MENTIONED and, additionally -there is no mention whatsoever re hardy 804

herebelow are the url's mentioned

I hope that you see my point and the above help in sorting out your problem.

peter b

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