internet won't stay connected.

Asked by Dan on 2007-01-26

I am running 6.06 sharing dialup with xp.
xp is connected to internet.
6.06 is connected to xp through lan
internet runs great on xp
runs good for about 5 minutes on 6.06 then looses connection
if i reboot 6.06 then internet runs for 5 munutes again

                                                thanks iin advance

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Onno Benschop (onno-itmaze) said : #1

I wonder if you have something like Norton/Symantec Antivirus running. I recall problems where it detects network activity and after some delay marks the traffic as suspicious.

Also, when there is no longer any connectivity, what kind of errors do you see?

larrycraig (craiglarry) said : #2

different person with same problem, although I've gone ahead and tried to correct problem by trying to correct 1 lack of 'pon dsl" and other stuff that is not there when I try to use it. And now, everything indicates that I am online but nothing, repeat nothing will connect. Etherape shows lot of activity. OTherwise, it is like I am not online. I'm getting ready to reinstall and start over.

I'm at a loss. Can you give me some line of pursuit to correct this? I'm not unwilling to go after a solution, but this is just too hard! Please help me. I have only clam antivirus on same distro as above.

IvĂ  Burgos (ivaburgos) said : #3

Can you paste the output of:

$ sudo ifconfig -a
$ sudo netstat -r

before and after it looses connection?

Onno Benschop (onno-itmaze) said : #4


I'm confused with your report. In #2570 you talk about using pppoeconf, and in the report that Dan submitted, #3348 you say you have the same problem as Dan has.

I do not know of any way this this is possible, unless you have changed your set-up since reporting #2570 on 2006-11-23.

First things first.

From Dan's explanation, an XP computer is connected to the Internet via dial-up and the Ubuntu computer is connected to the XP computer via Ethernet. There is no need for pppoeconf, ppp, or pon in that setup at all.

Your connection appears to be a Ubuntu computer connected to a cable or ADSL modem, rather than an XP computer. So your problems are not the same at all.

Now, in your case, you will see log entries in the /var/log/syslog from your ppp connection. It is possible that you will see errors there.

Dan however has a different set of problems, but I cannot help until I receive more information.

Can you help with this problem?

Provide an answer of your own, or ask Dan for more information if necessary.

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