Ubuntu 6.06 taking forever to install

Asked by Roxanne Kight on 2007-01-24

Using the Ubuntu Live 6.06 CD that arrived in the mail, I have inserted and restarted my computer, The CD then runs and asks me what I would like to do; start or install Ubuntu, Run a memory check, or start from first hard drive and mayber another choice or two, after it runs through the system checks, everything ok by the way. The screen will turn dark red, and a mouse pointer will appear but nothing else. In the help screen it says I can boot two different ways one by running the CD, and another by running the memory test. Well, almost 24 hours later the memory test is still running. And quite honestly I am not smart enough to make all the changes to BIOS, and all of that stuff. When I decided to switch to Ubuntu I figured all I would need to do is insert the disk, and it would install, after reading some of the frequently asked questions I wonder if I might have made a mistake. Anyway, I am not getting the screens that I want, I have however, been able to install the windows versions of firefox and mozilla. What do I do???? Also, how long does it take for the installation wizard to start if I run the memory test, or just try to install the program?

By the way, I have windows xp pro on my computer. Please help this is all getting to be a much bigger headache than I anticipated.


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Steven Harms (sharms) said : #1


We appreciate your open mind towards Ubuntu. The goal is to be easy for everyone to install. A memory test can take quite some time and depends on the amount of memory and system specifications.

It might help if you post a followup with your hardware specs. Sometimes Ubuntu may have issues installing on certain hardware because the specs for that hardware have not been made available to us, and as such may cause issues.

An install on most modern machines, from power up to being installed, shouldn't take more than 30-40 minutes.

Also you should not have to modify your BIOS settings. The memory test is a great way to stop problems that are incredibly hard to troubleshoot later. Bad memory is no fun for anyone.

Roxanne Kight (kight2004) said : #2

I have an AMD Athlon Processor, 951 MHz, 128 MB of Ram, The memory test ran for 27+ hours, I finally stopped it. I wanted my computer back!

williamts99 (williamts99) said : #3

Yes, the memory test will continue to run over and over again until you stop it. If there were no errors when the memory test was running, then your memory(computer) is fine. The system that you are trying to run Ubuntu on is not a spring chicken of course, and may take quite a bit longer to boot/install. How long did you let it run after the mouse pointer appeared on your screen? Do you have a broadband connection and a CD burner? It also might be of help if you could try out the 6.10 version of Ubuntu.

Best Regards,


Roxanne Kight (kight2004) said : #4

There were no errors when I ran the memory test. When the mouse pointer appeared, I let it run and run, it ran a total of around 6 hours, I went to bed and got up in the middle of the night to check on it. I have dial up and yes I have a cd burner.

derifo (fineguy) said : #5

I had the same problem,too.But it took me one week to figure out what to do.Use the other option,I can't be too sure what it is now,but it's the one after START OR INSTALL UBUNTU. LOWGRAPHICS or something.If you choose the right option then it will take you just about 25 minutes to install.After installation,if you are running on a DIAL UP connection,let me know and I'll tell you exactly what to do,so you don't waste your time reading stuffs that won't help you.Also,don't waste your time converting your MP3s to OGG.

Roxanne Kight (kight2004) said : #6

Thanks for your help, but, I already tried that, and it was the same thing. I let it load for awhile, but the installation wizard screen isnt coming up. The only thing that I get is a Ubuntu window manager if I click on it, it disappears and if I dont click on it, it will eventually disappear. I am going to try to get a copy of the 6.10 downloaded, I do have dial up so that might take awhile. If that one doesnt work, I guess I have no other option than to just stick with windows.

derifo (fineguy) said : #7

You don't have to be discouraged.You just have to keep trying and some how you'll figure it out.I will booth from my livecd in the morning and tell you what I meant in my last post.I got my livecd from SHIPIT.You should try to get one from them,too.And you don't have to stick to windows.

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derifo (fineguy) said : #8

I tried mine again this morning and it's START UBUNTU IN SAFE GRAPHIC MODE. After which it'll take about 3 minutes for the desk top to appear.Then,you can click on install and answer the 6 questions before installation.
If it doesn't work,then your installation cd could be defective.

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