Please tell me how to COMPLETELY remove pulseaudio

Asked by Matt Arnold on 2008-05-06

Please tell me howto completely remove the pulseaudio sound server without adverse effects on my system. PulseAudio has an annoying habit of locking /dev/dsp which which is a device that festival speech services needs access to at all times. Using my computer without these is annoying on a good day and next to impossible on a bad day. The only full proof way of recovering /dev/dsp access is rebooting the machine which i do on average about six times per day! I have tried with synaptic but that left me unable to hear any sound whatsoever in the flash player in as well as cretin qt apps ksayit among them (which defeats the purpose of uninstalling it in the first place). In addition removing pulse almost uninstalled ubuntu-desktop! Even after a successful removal some apps still try to use it! Is there some way to do this cleanly because otherwise i may have to move to sidux or somthing

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Matt Arnold

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Artemis3 (artemis3) said : #1

I just removed pulseaudio and everything seems to work fine. Did you check system -> preferences -> sound to not use pulseaudio? While you are at it try disabling ESD mixing (no system sounds). Hmm and reboot ;)

If there is a file /etc/asound.conf. rename/remove it. it seemed gone in mine.

KDE apps like to use arts, which is yet another sound daemon/mixer of sorts, i think you might need to check kde conf to make sure you don't use pulseaudio if gnome is not your desktop environment.

Matt Arnold (mattarnold5) said : #2


gene (eugenios) said : #3

OK, I would like to re-ask this question:

How to remove the pulseaudio from the 9.10 Karmic?
I have been experiencing so many problems with pulseaudio, I have to yet again remove it from my machine. With former esd system, I did not know any problems, once the device was configured. Now pulseaudio is VERY UNSTABLE crashing mplayer, linphone and ekiga very frequently.
MOREOVER, and this is very serious: I started having system freezes. The logs point to the pulseaudio and snd device complaints just before the core dumps!

So I got rid of it. No I have lost a half of my applets
Please advise me.
Thanks in advance

gene (eugenios) said : #4

I do not want to report another bug. I am tired of reporting so many.... I just want to not deal with the pulseaudio