Since last Friday, can no longer access Barclay`s online banking.

Asked by Elsie on 2007-01-10

We have had no trouble with Barclay`s online banking but now, since last Friday, can no longer log in.

We can get as far as page 1 where saved membership details are displayed, but on pressing the "next" button, page 2 is briefly shown and then crashes, leaving just our home page showing.

Barclays tell us that they haven`t made any changes which would affect our access and have suggested that it might be our ISP.
This seems unlikely as we are still able to get into other secure sites such as our Tesco credit card account.

Could this problem be related to the recent upgrades or is it just a coincidence?Is anyone else experiencing the same difficulties? Can anyone suggest a remedy?

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What browser are you using?

Elsie (lcbriscoe) said : #2

We`re using Firefox - hope this helps!

Bryce Harrington (bryce) said : #3

It's quite likely this would be due to recent upgrades. Do you remember if you upgraded Firefox as part of that?

One thing you could try is to install a different web browser, such as konqueror. Sometimes websites that break in Firefox will work properly in a different web browser, although not always.

You should also let Barclay's know that you are attempting to access their site using Firefox on Ubuntu Linux and ask if they test that configuration.

Elsie (lcbriscoe) said : #4

We did upgrade Firefox as part of the recent upgrades and that`s when the problem started.

Ideally, we`d prefer to stay with Firefox and were hoping for a simple solution. Surely we can`t be the only Linux users who bank with Barclays and also use Firefox?
                                                                                                       I don`t suppose there`s any way of getting the old Firefox back?

I`ll inform Barclays of the problem as you suggest and if necessary, will have to try a different browser, but if that fails, what then?

Elsie (lcbriscoe) said : #5

I`ve just been on to Barclay`s and they say that the fact that we can get to the log-in page (but no further) means that we are being denied access by our ISP and is not Barclay`s fault.
Do you thing that this is likely?

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #6

I've seen this kind of problem occur when the session information stored within cookies disagrees with the server or browser state. Since you upgraded Firefox, I recommend selectively removing all cookies associated with Barclay's sites

Start Firefox
1. Choose Edit ยป Preferences from the Menu.
2. Choose Privacy from the Preferences window.
3. Choose the Show Cookies button.
4. Enter a few letters from barclay's site name in the Search text entry to list only the cookies that belong to Barclay (if Barclay has many site names, you may need to repeat this and the next step).
5. Select each cookie from the list and choose the Remove Cookie button.
6. Restart Firefox.

These steps are often needed to reset session/authentication information of e-commerce sites, or any site that requires secure information.

Elsie (lcbriscoe) said : #7

User confirmed that the request is solved.

Elsie (lcbriscoe) said : #8

I how don`t know I managed to confirm that the problem is solved because I`m afraid it`s not.

I removed cookies as requested and still can`t log in to Barclay`s - page 2 still crashes as before.

Best Elsie (lcbriscoe) said : #9

Problem solved - both user profiles had been corrupted possibly by one or other user making some input error resulting in having entry to onlline banking blocked.
A new copy of the latest version of Firefox was installed.