Meaning & Solution of screen message “/dev/sda2: clean, 286631/6111232 files, 2586472/24413952 blocks”

Asked by Navin Talati on 2016-05-20

Dear Friends,

I have recently installed fresh Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Desktop-amd64.
While, switchnig ON the system, it boots.
“GNU GRUB version 2.02 ~beta2-36ubuntu3” menu appears for selecting an OS installed in the machine on different HDDs.
Selecting “*Ubuntu” a typical magents screen appears as usual and the curser flickers at the top left corner of the screen.
After few seconds at the top left of the monitor screen a massage appears as under:
/dev/sda2: clean, 286631/6111232 files, 2586472/24413952 blocks
I have a very limited computer/linux knowledge and so I am unable to understand the meaning of this screen-massage. I need your help in this regard.

1. What is the meaning of this display?
2. How can I resolve or repair this issue?

Navin Talati / 20-05-2016

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Manfred Hampl
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What GPU does the system use?

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #2

Ubuntu versions 15.04 and newer perform a quick file system check on the root disk and report the result on the screen.

The message
/dev/sda2: clean, 286631/6111232 files, 2586472/24413952 blocks
has the following meaning:

The partition that was checked is "/dev/sda"
The file system is "clean", i.e. there are no inconsistencies
"286631/6111232 files": The file system has been created to allow a maximum of 6,111,232 files, and currently there are 286,631 files,
"2586472/24413952 blocks": The storage capacity of the file system is 24,413,952 blocks (probably 4096 bytes each), and 2,586,472 blocks currently are in use.

This is an informational message confirming that the file system is ok. There is nothing that needs to be resolved or repaired.

Navin Talati (n-m-talati) said : #3

Reply to #1

In my system, the graphic card is of Asus' GT520 SILENT, GEFORCE, 2GB DDR3.

Reply to #2

Thanks for interpreting the results and providing me the correct information and knowledge. I am happy to know that the file system is ok. There is nothing that needs to be resolved or repaired.

Thanks to both the friends.

Navin Talati

Navin Talati (n-m-talati) said : #4

In #3, I have replied that In my system, the graphic card is of Asus' GT520 SILENT, GEFORCE, 2GB DDR3.
The graphic card has any effect in such issues? Please let me know.

Best Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #5

The GPU and graphics drivers can have an effect in this context, because different graphic adapters might be quicker or slower with their initialization. This can lead to the fact that on some computers such informational message might be shown longer, before the Ubuntu welcome screen is hiding that message, and on other computers there might just be a short display before graphical display uses the full screen.

If you are satisfied with the information (it is just an informational message; nothing that needs to be resolved or repaired), you might close this question. If you need more information, please tell so.

Navin Talati (n-m-talati) said : #6

O.K., Thank you Sirs.
I heartily appreciate your answer and information.
You reply has satisfied me.
thanks - once again.
Navin Talati / 28-05-2016

Navin Talati (n-m-talati) said : #7

Thanks Manfred Hampl, that solved my question.

I am seeing similar message on my ubntu 16.10, the system gets stuck there, what do I have to do to proceed further. I can press ctrl + alt + f1 for terminal, but how do I get back to my nice gnome GUI.

Everything was good before I ran update couple of days ago...

nihat aliyev (nihat212121) said : #9

I have such a problem. When I restart or shutdown my laptop, these messages appear on the screen and then other messages appear gradually. on the top of that, I can not use any keyboard, the only button I can use is switching on/off button, and as you know, this is hard restart and it is so harmful to HDD. how can I fix this problem? please share your help with me.

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #10

@suhir and @nihat:
You are misinterpreting what you see on your screen.
At the moment that this "/dev/sdxn: clean, ..." message is shown on the screen, the file system check is already completed.
If you then have a problem with display, keyboard or whatever, then it must be caused by something else coming _after_ the file system check.

Christine Fournier (chrifou) said : #11

Thank you for this post that helped me understand this new message I see every time a open my computer :
/dev/sda6: clean, 198006/6217720 files, 1664543/24859392 blocks

My problem is that it's very long before I finally get to Ubuntu. I see this message for a long time, then a black screen, then my computer is ready to go. I used to love that Ubuntu was very fast on startup compared to Windows. Now it's at least as long as Windows on startup :-(

Any suggestions ?

Thank you.

Maalej (ahmed.mlj81) said : #12

I have the same problem, any solution plz.
I have had this issue the day following a night of some updates an upgrade and some dev’s packages and sdk’s installations.
How can I get rid off this message knowing that my keyboard isn’t responding.
I have nvidia drivers proprieties. Do Ineed to purge it.
I have geforce gtx and ubuntu 16.04 LTS.