Libreoffice highlighters cause desktop panels and docky to disapear

Asked by Rossco on 2015-10-04

Hi I have dell inspiron laptop and I'm using gnome ubuntu 14.04 LTS fall-back with matacity 64bit, composting is on for docky.
While using the standard LibreOffice which came with the disto, Every time I use the Font colour highlighting feature in Impress, or any of the three highlighting features in Writer and Calc and then change the colour, it makes the panels on my desktop and Docky disappear. I do as much of the highlighting as possible before restoring panels and dock, as panels and dock just keep on disappearing the same way after restoring them. The document itself is not affect in any way. While the panel is invisible, all the icons are still functional. Some of the icons are also usable, I just have to guess where the icons are and click onto them and they become visible, such as Applications and Places. Workspace Switcher and Show Desktop also work. Others such as the Indicator Applet Complete - calendar, internet , mail, sound and so on all remain invisible, if I click on one of these, I wont know its opened until I restore the panels, see my workaround below.

My workaround to restore the dock and panel is to Alt+Ctrl+Del twice and then everything re-appears, I then cancel the logout pop-up window.

I have a friend I helped install a similar fallback with matacity system using the normal ubuntu 14.04 LTS distro (not gnome) 64bit, again composting is on for Docky, different type of laptop with the same issues.

Both my friend and I do a lot of highlighting in our docs and its so annoying for us we are thinking of replacing LibreOffice with OpenOffice, at the same time we would rather stay with LibreOffice if someone could help us somehow, thanks in advance.

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I suggest you report a bug

Rossco (wudgulah) said : #2

Ok, Thanks

Rossco (wudgulah) said : #3

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.