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The internet is very very slow, and often just times out. I hook other computers up to this dsl lan and they connect are much faster. I am using Ubunto 5.10 Can anyone help me? I am very new to Linux, so please tell me in detail how to deal with it.

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clyde9999 (clyde9) said :

one thing i forgot to add, it seems that when i connect to Linux related sites that are secure, it operates at a normal speed.

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clyde9999 (clyde9) said :

even one other thing i forgot, I can Updates work fine and i can add applications just fine. I just cannot surf the net. Please help thi Newbe.

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St├ęphane Graber (stgraber) said :

If your connection is really slow, It's habitually your FAI DNS who isn't good for Linux.
Try an other Public DNS server and add it in your connection settings.
You can manage your DNS servers in your connection settings by right click on the network monitor icon.

For example, you can try with : (my public DNS server)

The reason why your connection is faster on some websites is in my opinion because you have already visited them and you have their ips in your local DNS cache.

If you have problems with the Network GUI you can directly edit /etc/resolv.conf

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clyde9999 (clyde9) said :

Thanks so much for the help. I am surfing in style now!

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Mark Freeman (fasthandsfreeman) said :

I am having this problem too! Google comes up fast as but web site images are so slow or time out. I am running 64bit system all Sata connected drives etc. Intel Core 2 Duo processor, How do I correct this I am learning Linux/ Ubuntu but it's difficult as I am having more problems with this than with Windows. I am yet to be convinced this is far superior to windows, there are as many faults with Linux Ubuntu, just they are different ones. I don't want to be a I.T boffin but it seem I need to be to make Linux OS to work. My laptop Sony Vaio FZ21E will not connect to my hub by wireless connection! Windows Vista works a treat and is super fast! but my main home PC is problem after problem, this PC is only running Ubuntu. It is installed on a 80gig WD Sata Hdd and I have a WD Sata 320gig Hdd for storage of music and such like. I am using Ubuntu 7.10 GG. would anyone be kind enough to give me some tuition on how to sort this problem please, I have read many books on Linux Ubuntu but none are specific enough to sort the problem, and I don't want to mess things up even more by trying different stuff.