I lost everything with Ubuntu

Asked by Tom

I had a decent Win xp setup, but decided I would take the advice of Ubuntu.com and download 7.10 because it was "so user friendly and complete". Cant even install a firewall without having to enter some kind of code somewhere, and I cant even find the downloaded file to extract it. Why wont it RUN automatically?. Downloaded Firewall but does not exist on HDD ANYWHERE. I mean, Cmon! In order to report a problem you gotta become a member somewhere and put in personal info. Get it together guys! Have a icon that reports vulnerabilities automatically. Sure, there is tons of info for help with Ubuntu, but I cant understand a word of it. Speak english and have a central place we can go to get REAL downloads that actually show up on the desktop instead of hidden somewhere in the OS that needs another program to extract it or something. If you really want to compete with Microsoft, get together on these issues and make it user friendly. Now I am stuck with an OS that won't even make and burn my childrens home movies. UGH!

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Tom (savehisyouth) said :

Is Ubunto a complete OS? What is Unix? Is it different from Linux? Which one is Ubuntu? Where can I go where ALL programs are listed for download JUST for Ubuntu AMD 64 bit. What is a kernel? Why should I care? How come there are 100's of choices for one piece of software? Which do I choose? Don't they all work on Ubuntu? Downloaded Songbird but I can't open or find the file. Do I need to enter some Star Wars code somewhere in a secret place in the OS? I am not a programmer!!! Ubuntu says this is supposed to work. When I am told to "RUN" this and that code, where are they talking about and how do I get there? Again, not a programmer! No doubt, I am completely Linux illiterate, but I didn't have to run any "code" in windows either. Won't play some online video. Is there some way to watch the same video on the web that Win media player 11 did? Tried to download real player but said I needed some kind of download software. I downloaded it but I can't find it. Where did it go? How can I download Real player if I can't find the tool to download it with?

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Johannes Pilkahn (j-pilkahn) said :

Yes, it is a complete OS.

Unix is an operating system created by Bells Labs and AT&T in the '70s. Linux is based on that system, initially developed by Linus Torvalds (Linux: Linus + Unix...). The beauty of it is that its 100% FOSS. Ubuntu is a linux distribution.

If you want help with setting up your system, please post a few specs (cpu, graphics chip, pci devices, etc.) and formulate your questions in more detail - what do you wanna get to work and what error messages do you receive?

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Best Olivier (olivier-lacroix) said :

Tom, you seem to be totally lost. You won't make your linux distribution work as windows did. You need to learn how to handle it.

Have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/ That should answer many if not all of your questions

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Randy LeJeune (lejeunerandy-fastmail) said :

What in particular do you need assitance with?

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Tom (savehisyouth) said :

Thanks Olivier, that solved my question.