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Asked by Daryl Hughes on 2014-08-31

Hello i have a question on the Ubuntu forums is giving Information on a new feature that is coming out for Ubuntu later Spam?
Heres the information that i posted that i just wanted to let the Ubuntu Community know.
But appearrently its spam and where the Heck is the Rules at in Ubuntu Forums i looked all over and could not find there rules that say Spam or wtf ever is not allowed.
I can understand it that it has a website link but this message below is what i got Ban for

Is this what the Ubuntu Team is like?
Getting ban for nothin like 1 simple slip and get stab in the back?

Sorry for my Language its just so frustrating that i got Ban for just this little oops and to top it all off they Ban u for something that u ddnt know i guess u have to be perfect to write on the forums or something?


I am in the Process of makin a new feature for Ubuntu users, it is a Website that you can go onto and get infomation on how to do Projects and Setup servers without havin to tair your hair out in the process.
It will show step by step information also even Videos to show you how to do it.
Also we may have some more for you to Upload your youtube Videos or your Video its self which has to be Ubuntu related.

We are also putting together a PPA Domain which is where you can get PPA's and Ubuntu Software without havin to worry about Software breakin ur Ubuntu system or removing needed package, which is Strongly filtered through the PPA's.

there will be a Feature that if your a Software developer for Ubuntu and made your own PPA or want to share a PPA that u know that it is Friendly and not breaking any thing, you can freely Upload it and we may test it for you, and give infomation when it will be posted.

Please note this is not Ubuntu HQ Development Team just another helper, helpin them out =)

Let me know below on what you thank of this Feature.
--end message---

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Daniel Letzeisen (dtl131) said : #1

Ubuntu Forums has their own administration. They sometimes get help from Canonical services (such as the SSO login they now use) and they also have to abide by certain rules (such as color/theming) to remain affiliated with Canonical.

I've created a thread asking for an appeal: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2242311
It might help to know your user name, what forum you posted in, etc.

Elfy (elfy) said : #2

This user is being dealt with via the correct channels available - it will certainly not be dealt with on here.

Coffeecat (coffeecat) said : #3

The correct way to appeal a spam-ban is to email the forum council at <email address hidden> , but it is important to moderate your tone when you do so. The aggressive and hostile tone of your first email was the reason it was rejected. The forum Code of Conduct applies as much to the mailing list as to the forum itself.

Daryl Hughes (zorw2016) said : #4

All 3 answered my question thx