Nautilus crashes when trying to change permissions as root in live session

Asked by Sbn on 2014-05-14

My Ubuntu went fubar after my laptop lost power during upgrade to 14.04.
I have to save files from hard drive before I install Ubuntu again.
So I have plugged in my live usb and installed gksu in order to copy files do external drive.
I type gksu nautilus and it opens, but when I try to copy files I´m told that I don´t have permission to do so, even as root.
So then I try to right-click in order to change permissions and then nautilus just closes and I´m left with this message in the terminal:

ERROR:nautilus-properties-window.c:1837:schedule_owner_change_timeout: assertion failed: (NAUTILUS _IS_FILE (file))

So I rip my hair out and grind my teeth for a while, and try again. It happens 10 out of 10 times.
When I googled the error I came upon a reported bug that seemed unresolved to my untrained eye.
So my question is, does anyone know if there is a solution to this, or can point me in the right direction if this has been answered elsewhere?


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Why do you not have a backup? What if the power loss damaged your drive motor or IDE and the data was irretrievable, where is your data then? Are you really so naive to not have a backup?

Think about it. Genuine question.

Sbn (esbenvinsnes) said : #2

actionparsnip: I do. It´s just a couple of files that are new without backup and I need to get them out.
I don´t know what IDE is, and yes I am probably a lot more naive when it comes to computing than you are.
I don´t speak tech; I´m just a regular consumer, and since ubuntu is marketed towards regular folks I´m using it.

If you boot to liveCD you can review your data as you can mount the file systems there.

IDE = Integrated Drive Electronics and is the small PCB on the drive which the cables connect to.

Sbn (esbenvinsnes) said : #4

Yes that´s what I did. I booted to live usb and mounted the disk. But I´m not allowed to copy anything due to lacking permissions. Then, when I try to change the permission on an individual file or folder the action described above happens.

Run the file browser with sudo

Sbn (esbenvinsnes) said : #6

Yes, I did that too (ref. original question above), and it did´t work due to the problem described.

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