Installing Ubuntu for a newbie

Asked by jonmassot on 2008-02-14

I tried to install Ubuntu/Kubuntu and I got the same issue with both. When I try to boot, it ask for the type of installation, so I choose the typical newbie choice, wich sent me to a page with colors, nothing else. I installed once Gentoo and when I had this problem, it was related with my graphic card. So I tried the Text mode installation, without success. For the record, I tried Mandriva to see what happens, since I already installed it back in the days (well, last year or so) and it told me that it doesn't find any optical drive.

Computer spec :

MSI K9N Platinum
Athlon X2 4200+
2 + 250G Western Digital SATA
Nvidia GeForce 7600 XXX

Any idea please?


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Savvas Radevic (medigeek) said : #1

"a page with colors" <- can you please explain this a bit more? any errors, munched colours, lines of colours, etc. would really help

jonmassot (jon-massot) said : #2

well, it's a little like some lines of (blured) colours with a blinking rectangular kind of button behind the lines... Well, it's just a rectangular shape that seems to blink behing the lines of colour. well, it's kind of hard to explain, without having it upfront... it's seems it can't load the display driver since it seems it can't find the CD drive... well, it's only guesses...

I'll take a pic later if you judge it'll be necessary to understand my problem (well, i think it'll be best!).



Open a text console by pressing the keys Alt and F2, open a session, and edit the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf to match your color-depth.

That is to say :
"sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf"
Find the line "Section "Screen"", inside this section, find the line "Default Depth" and decrese the value (24 to 16 for instance).

Hope that helps.

Screenshots :

jonmassot (jon-massot) said : #4

Hey, sorry for the late answers, I didn't had time to test it out. I can't open any text editor, pressing alt+F1 or F2 or F3 or F4 does nothing, obviously, I can't do a text command of any kind. I took some pics of the screen,is there a rule to post them?



jonmassot (jon-massot) said : #5

Ok, I manage to boot on the CD Live (Safe Graphic boot option) and it works fine. So I tried to start the install from here...

Well, I'm not sure if it'll work from there, since I'm all new to this... I don't really remember all the HDD stuff I should have a look into so I won't format the wrong HDD (2 of my partitions displayed as 0). I got 4 partitions and they all have data on them. Should I make bacup of everything on a disk so I install a clean Kubuntu or should I've faith in the installer so it won't erase precious data?

Will the installation work fine passing by the Live CD (I presume it's the LiveCD option) or will it reboot my machine and i'll be back to start with the same display troubles?



jonmassot (jon-massot) said : #6

Okay, I managed to find the information about what drive I should install on. The only thing I want to know now is, what will happen if I install via the LiveCD. Will it reboot before doing changes, will it reboot after it formatted my HDD or will it do everything it needs to install before rebooting? Any idea?



Best Hendrick Musche (hmu) said : #7

The whole installation takes place before you have to reboot, as does the repartitioning, so that after the reboot you have a fully installed Ubuntu. If you don't get proper graphics, you should be able to boot into "safe" mode and install the proprietary driver from NVidia. As soon as you boot in your newly installed Ubuntu, the Restricted Manager pops up to inform you about this driver.
The installer should offer you to resize one partition to make space for ubuntu. This usually is quite safe, but there *always* is a slight chance that you hose your partition. Any important data should be backed up. (But, as I said, I haven't had any problems with it yet.)

Hope this solves your Problems,

jonmassot (jon-massot) said : #8

I'll try that some time later and will let you know what happens!

Big thanks!


jonmassot (jon-massot) said : #9

Thanks Hendrick Musche, that solved my question.

jonmassot (jon-massot) said : #10

I did it with success, big thanks to all of you. I still don't know what the problem was, but everything works fine on my end now!