How to push display to TV through S-Video port on Dell Centrino

Asked by Aaron Whitehouse on 2006-01-02


I am using a Dell Inspiron 510m with Centrino chipset. I have an S-Video port and my screen resolution is 1400x1050. What I am trying to do is to connect the S-Video port to the TV and have something display on the TV screen. I would prefer it to mirror what is on the screen, but would deal with having it add it as a secondary that I could move things on to.

Anyone have an idea what I need to do?

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Douglas Ward (douglas-ward) said : #1

first you need to find out if the video card you have can run the tv out and the rgb/dvi at the same time. some cards (like mine) can only run one or the other. after that, you need to figure out your card's option that need to be added to /etc/x11/xorg.conf file in order to use the tv as a monitor.

posting what kind of card you had might have helped me answer this more specifically.

Sorry, I thought that the graphics card was part of the Centrino chipset. It is an Intel 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device :).

Thanks a lot for your help!

I have the same graphics card on a Toshiba notebook and have been unable to get TV output to work. CRT output works out of the box, and I tried configuring the TV output like a second cloned CRT more or less like [url href=""]this[/url]. The most annoying thing of all has been not being able to find a conclusive yes or no to whether TVout is supported by the xorg i810 driver.

macbcn (ivan-ruizdegauna) said : #4

I have a similar problem, but not quite. My issue happens before reaching the OS. Let me explain: I am without a monitor (it's being repaired) so I'm using my crt tv with my computer, plugged to the s-video output.

I have been able to install Windows XP with no problem. When I switch the computer on, I can see on the TV the output of the bios, and all the posts, etc.

However, I have tried to install Ubuntu (breezy) and even run Ubuntu dapper live-cd. It shows correctly the very fist line where it says: "Press enter to boot", and as soon as it starts installing, the screen starts flickering and it's impossible to read anything.

Any idea of why this could be? How to avoid it? If I can install Windows through the s-video output, it should be able to install Linux too, right?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Toby Smithe (tsmithe) said : #6

I know it's crude; but it works. I'm in the middle of trying to figure out why my TV's display isn't sharp, and why it's B&W.

Arunkumar (arunkd13) said : #7

I am using a Compaq Presario V2624TU laptop based on Centrino chipsets. Video chipset seems to be i915. I have got the S-Video output to show up on my TV after editing xorg.conf file.

But when I play a video using either Totem or VLC, I get only a black box in the window where video is supposed to show up. If I switch over to the laptop LCD, I am able to see the same video.

Any clue what might be wrong? Should I open a new bug report?


Xan (dxpublica) said : #8

I have a Acer Aspire 5612WLMi with Xubuntu (Feisty) in that (i950 card; i810 in etc file)
I have VGA output. I bought VGA-to-S-Video cable.
I have a Button for display to the TV output.

Is there any procedure for doing TV out or not [bug:]


bo ulrich (bo-ulrich) said : #9

I have a Compaq presario 2100 with Ubuntu 7.10. With not much computer knowledge I have unsuccessfully tried to find the path for transmitting the video showing in VLT media player to the TV screen. There is a S-video exit (yellow, round, seven pins) and corresponding entry on the TV, so the cable is not a problem. I need a step-by- step guide to make the VLT signal go through to the TV. Please....
Bo Ulrich

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