Was hidd supposed to disappear?

Asked by Ryan Rawdon

I just installed the latest set of updates to Ubuntu 8.04. With that, the hidd command appears to have disappeared, which I frequently use to attach bluetooth devices.

Is this intentional result of an update, or should a but report be filed?

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Ryan Rawdon
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Bhavani Shankar (bhavi) said :


I use gutsy and hardy both and these are my observations:

I just plugin any supported device and an icon appears in the top right and I right click to setup the preferences.

Devices will auto connect to your PC and you can setup security as you connect each device, (For ex: your phone.)

To send files to your phone, in synaptic, install gnome-bluetooth. It will be in the accessories menu, click it to run it. Now sending a file is as easy as right clicking the file and select Send-to. To make this run every time you re-boot, select System->Preferences->Sessions. Add a Startup program. Call it, lets say, "Bluetooth File Transfer" and in the Command box, enter "gnome-obex-server". Click on OK.

Hope the info helps

Bhavani Shankar.

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Paul Leger (pleger) said :


      I use ubuntu 8.04 and with a update of "bluez-utils" and with this update appeared same problem.

      I write "hidd" and my OS says:
     "The program 'hidd' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
      sudo apt-get install bluez-utils
      bash: hidd: command not found"

and I have installed "bluez-utils", the problem seems is the "hidd" disappeared with the update.

PS: I need my mouse with bluetooth!!! :)

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Ryan Rawdon (flieslikeabrick) said :

Yeah, I use bluetooth for my mouse as well.

Tonight I will take a look around to see if a bug report has been filed. I'll create one if there isn't already one, and I'll update this question with a link to the bug report in either case.

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Damien (damien-skullsquad) said :

Roger that ten-four, I too am experiencing lack of bluetooth wireless mouse connectivity with recent Ubuntu hardy updates!

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Michael Favia (michaelfavia) said :

I created bug #191704 to deal with this issue. please confirm it and coment there if issue still exists.

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Saitoh (awbailey001) said :

I used hidd --search to find and connect to my bluetooth mouse in Ubuntu. now that it's gone I can't seem to get my bluetooth mouse to connect.

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JorgeAT (jorgeat) said :

I have the same problem I cant connect my bluetooth


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yts2421 (hoopla2421) said :

Bhavani Shankar did not make one thing clear that is easy to overlook. You follow the directions and

 find that in the services tab that Input Service has already been checked and you see nothing below

 but,when you uncheck the box and then recheck the box it activates the pairing. Before I did this

though I went into /etc/default/bluetooth and "Set the variable HIDD_ENABLED=1". I am not sure if it

 helped or not but, I do have my mouse back.

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MushuWeb (mushuwebpub) said :

sudo aptitude install bluez-compat