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I looked at some questions and answers, don't get too mad that I didn't read everything. There's too many.
I read several discussions reguarding this particular issue, all which seem to be over a half year old, so I figure maybe something has changed since then.

The only real reason I have a computer is for gaming. That being said, is the reason why I currently am using a Windows OS.
I don't particularly like Microsoft, which is why I didn't pay for the OS that I'm using currently, and would gladly switch to a linux operating system.

The only problem is my games, I've read articles about windows based programs, and all I've seen so far is that "a lot of them aren't supported" by wine and other emulators.

I really don't want to ditch this OS, to find out that I have to have a bunch of other crap, and/or have to wait until my game is supported by the other programs. Also, I like playing in fullscreen, and playing a game that is being run through another program seems like it's a waste of processing speed, which sounds like it will drop my FPS dramatically. I also buy games regularly, and I don't want to have to do research into whether or not a game will play on my PC, as it's stats are fairly high(Played Crysis at full res @ 40fps)

I do surf the web, and do other things like listen to music or read emails or do research on my computer.

All in all, I am starting to become highly doubtful that linux is the right operating system for me because of the things that I do on my computer, and even though I generally dislike everything that Microsoft stands for, I can't find a decent alternative.

Is there anything I can do that will make windows-based programs fully functional on a linux OS?
I'd really love to ditch this OS and move onto a system that has better goals than microsoft.
Any ETA when someone's going to realize that if a program can emulate windows programs, that someone could integrate that into linux and make it so that any windows based programs will be fully supported? Heck, even integrate apple based program support.

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Best Alan Pope 🍺🐧🐱 🦄 (popey) said :

Is there anything I can do that will make windows-based programs fully functional on a linux OS?

You can run Windows software under a virtual machine such as qemu, virtualbox or vmware. You can also (as you know) use tools such as WINE, Cedega and Crossover Office.

Beyond that you need to contact the manufacturer of the software, they are really the only ones who can port _their_ closed source software to other platforms. There's only so much the free software community can do.

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silvanus (zion-05) said :

Yeah I know, I just figured that since wine had been around so long someone might have tried to integrate it into the actual operating system. .I dunno

Thanks for the reply though