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Asked by Péter Prőhle

I use the English(US) and Hungarian(102/...) keyboard layouts. Before 13:10 I could setup the CapsLock key for switch, and the Caps LED to show the state: off=eng, on=hun.

Q/1: Now I have a clean 13:10 scratch install, and I do not find, where and how to tell, that the CapsLock itself be the switching key. I do not need the usual caps lock functionality: it is more important, that even a low end keyboard (mobile or laptop) has capslock, and even at a standard location.

Q/2: Do I guess correctly, that the super key is on normap pc keyboard the key named after an other operating system brand? I ask because the default configuration looks Super+Space, but it does not work for me. As a last resource, I wanted to use Alt-X, the configuration visually accepted it, but it simply NEITHER works.

Q/3:I do not find, where to tell, which of the three keyboard leds must reflect the keyboard language state. I understand, that if someone has more than two input languages, then the two states of a led is not enough. But most of the users in the mankind have either one or two layouts only. In addition: at the input source (layout) list there could be a bool flag, whether the indicator led should be on or off in that particular case. Even there could be 3 of such a bool flags, and then we have 2^3=8 indicator variations.

Q/4: As a last resource, I could examine the indicator on the indicator bar. But since 13:10, I am not able to read it, because of the poor contrast of it. I use the RADIANCE theme instead of the dark Ambiance default. While all the other indicators are able to apply dark letters over the light backgrounk, the keyboard indicator NOT, and hence impossibble to read it. Question, where can I config the color of the indicator letters.

Q/5: After the fresh (13.10) national keyboard problems, I have an old standing problem: I have never seen workink correctly the following settings: "Allow different sources for each window" + "new windows use the default source", the last one is US in my case, that is my default, and the Hungarian is always the extra, what I have to switch on when it is needed.

Final Question: which of these can be considered a bug, and what do you recommend which package is affected by each question.

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Thanks Nik.Th., that solved my question.