Can not download & install on Ubuntu/Linux??

Asked by Alexander F. on 2008-02-01

 For months, I have been unsuccessful downloading and installing anything on Unbuntu. If it downloads, it downloads an icon on the desktop and when I click on it, it says can not open, file does not exist. When I try to download the driver for my HP 5610, I get a bunch of jibberish text and no driver. Whats up with this? How can I download & install programs using Firefox on line or from a CD? I have Unbuntu 6.10/Linux and when I tried to upgrade to 7.0 from a CD, it would not install.

Thanks, Alex

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"When I try to download the driver for my HP 5610, I get a bunch of jibberish text and no driver."
→ try to use 'Save target as' option (firefox sometimes tries to open packages as text...).

Alexander F. (hilobar) said : #2

Thanks for the suggestion. It doesn't matter if I save it or open it, I get the same thing. The icon on my desk top does nothing. Whatever I download doesn't install so I can't use it. This is the way it has been since I installed Unbuntu. Any other suggestions?


peter b (b1pete) said : #3

just go to System-->Administration-->Printing, then,
select New Printer;
It'll start scanning for printers and work your way in by following the wizzard/prompts. that's about it.

peter b

Alexander F. (hilobar) said : #4

Thanks for your response:

I have tried your suggestion many times in the past and I just tried it
again with the same result. It only offers the download as a text
file. Also, every download I try on Firefox does the same thing and
does not install. Any other suggestions?


peter b (b1pete) said : #5

Alex, was your printer connected to a PC port and turned on before the NEW PRINTER was selected? was it seen by the wizzard? if not just press forward and you'll be able to see a list with manufacturers, pick HP and further you can pick your printer from the list. I just tried to see if your OJ5610 is listed - it is not but I'm pretty sure that OJ5600 will be good. Just give it a try.

peter b

Alexander F. (hilobar) said : #6

Hi Peter:

I have tried everything you suggested. I click on the HP 5600 series
that is listed and it opens a window to select a text file so that is
where it ends. Please understand, it isn't just my printer that won't
install, it is everything I try to download and install on line. All I
have been getting is a text files form the download. From the time I
installed Ubuntu 6.10, I have never been able to use any download from
on line and from a CD. If you have any ideas on how to install any
download, please let me hear them.


peter b (b1pete) said : #7

I'm sorry to hear that you're in such a bind. I'm using gutsy 710 and have 3 printers installed and working flawlessly, one of them is a hp deskjet.

Did you try

I could see that that your printer is supported on these howtos. Give it a try.

Another suggestion, did you consider upgrading your edgy to gutsy distro? it is a more modern distro and for sure has a better printing support.

peter b

Alexander F. (hilobar) said : #8

Hello again Peter:

I appreciate your suggestions and thanks. To up grade to anything, I
need to download and install it. That has been my problem for 5
months. I ordered Ubuntu 7.0 on a CD and it would not install. I tried
several times to no avail. I was able to reinstall Ubuntu 6.10 several
times from a CD so I have no idea what the problem is. There is
something screwed up in this Ubuntu 6.10 and I don't know what to do
about it. If I can solve that problem, I will be able to install a
driver for my printer. HELP!

Thanks again..Alex

peter b (b1pete) said : #9

Well, Alex, the problems you're describing and having are v hard to right up; the way I could see there are deep problems in the very basic functions of the os --> not being able to update your system etc. If I may say how I would deal with such problems, the first thing would be the secure the data that is already there, the second would be to start with a clean slate so to speak -translation- get your hands on an ALTERNATE CD of the latest distro, gutsy, and do a fresh install; the alternate CD allows the user full control of the install process. In ubuntu's case there are two ways to install -via the live CD or alternate CD- the first one I never used for installs to HDD, there are too many defaults and I do not like that. I want to be in control of the install process and that can be done through the alternate. As a result I never had a shaky or bad install. I never had any problems you're describing, not even close.

You can try the forum asking very specific question on each ticket and hope that probably someone will have some answers that will help. I'm sorry, I cannot help you any further, there are too many problems with the os that must be attended to before a printer can install successfully.

Regards. peter b

Nick (nickbikkal) said : #10

I down load several programs to see news videos or something and I'm able to see some but not others. I don't know how to open a downloaded program such as instant_flash_player_9_linux, etc.

Thank you, anyone, who can get me started here.


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