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Asked by angelnonis on 2013-10-02

Why there is not a simple GUI control to change mouse scroll wheel speed?
I don't understand why a so important and simple thing hasn't yet fix.

No1 reason not a user use Linux is this, as simple thing it is,is very important , or is the most important thing.

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So something like a scroll speed is 'ver important'? Are you kidding? How about easier to use applications which crash less or provide more features for less overhead? Your view of operating systems is extremely skewed.

"Hey guys, don't bother fixing those huge system crash and security bugs, make the scroll wheel easier to configure. That's waaaay more important"

Really? Is that what you think?

angelnonis (angelnonis) said : #3

I know how to change scroll speed, also in chrome there is a very good plug in. The thing here is different.
An Operating System that respect it self must be easy to config in order after installation user to work with out to need to run over sites on the internet to find what needs in order to config the mouse scroll speed. This is ridiculous if you think it on my point of view.

It's like you have a car and in order to open window you need to call its company to give you instructions how to put some tools in the door and how to use them to open or close the window...

For sure stability is important, but lets face it, how difficult is to make a GUI interface for the basic config settings of the system?

But it's not "very important" is it?

angelnonis (angelnonis) said : #5

In my opinion first priority bug that need fix, is the worse thing for me to install an operating system and in order to config it to need notes and to do search. I'm a computer technician , no 1 reason technicians like windows is the easy driver, and config of the OS. No 1 reason why Apple fans like iOS, is easy to config, No 1 reason why Linux stuck at this market share , GUI is not good.
At least some basic settings must be there.

Think it ..

Best Daniel Letzeisen (dtl131) said : #6

It depends on the desktop. KDE has this setting IIRC. Anyway, this site is for user to user support and not a place to rant/gripe at devs.

If you want a setting for scroll speed, file a whislist bug (assuming there isn't one already).

angelnonis (angelnonis) said : #8

Thanks Daniel Letzeisen, that solved my question.