x server fails to start after installing AMD Radeon driver on xubuntu 13.04

Asked by Andrew McHugh on 2013-06-24

13.04 Xubuntu 64 Bit.

I have installed 12.04 and 12.10 and followed the instructions for the respective verisions and the driver successfully installed. however on 13.04 the X server fails to start. I had to remove the xorg.conf and run sudo lightdm start to get the X server back. But then it would be running on default graphics? not sure what the terminology would be.

I rebooted aftermost steps just to see where X problems would occur "-> sudo reboot "

Here is a full log of what I did after instaling a fresh 13.04
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo reboot
# Software & Updates > Other Software [Ticked Canonical Partners and Source Code]
sudo apt-get install build-essential -> sudo reboot
sudo apt-get install cdbs -> sudo reboot //x server failed to start after reboot
sudo apt-get install dh-make -> sudo reboot
sudo apt-get install dkms -> sudo reboot
sudo apt-get install execstack -> sudo reboot
sudo apt-get install dh-modaliases -> sudo reboot
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic -> sudo reboot
sudo apt-get install fakeroot // was current -> sudo reboot
sudo apt-get install libqtgui4 -> sudo reboot << x server failed to start after reboot, rebooted again in recovery mode
sudo apt-get install devscripts -> sudo reboot
sudo apt-get install lib32gcc1 -> sudo reboot
mkdir catalyst13.4 && cd catalyst13.4
wget http://www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/amd-catalyst-13.4-linux-x86.x86_64.zip
unzip amd-catalyst-13.4-linux-x86.x86_64.zip
chmod +x amd-catalyst-13.4-linux-x86.x86_64.run
sudo ./amd-catalyst-13.4-linux-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/raring
sudo dpkg -i fglrx*.debud
sudo amdconfig --initial -f
sudo reboot

So at this point the X server failed to start. there was a cursor (underscore type) flashing in the top left and mouse was on the screen too. So I dropped to tty1 and enter sudo start X it failed with this log http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=DFKeBb8f

the xorg from amdconfig looked like this before I removed it to be able to boot


System is a DELL Vostro Laptop

i7-3632QM (2.2GHz)
Samsung 128GB Solid State Drive
AMD Radeon HD 7670M 1GB

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daniel CURTIS (anoda) said : #1

Hi Andrew. Did you check e.g. [ menu --> settings --> additional drivers ]? It should search for any driver and it is available in Xubuntu. Also, please check this website;

,-----[ install AMD 13.1 drivers ]
| http://dottech.org/105987/how-to-install-amd-13-1-legacy-drivers-on-ubuntu-13-04-guide/

This guide should shows you how to install AMD drivers on Ubuntu 13.04. It seems that Arch Linux HowTo's is pretty good:

,-----[ ATI - Arch ]
| https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ATI

Eventually, please check: [ http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx ]. I have an nVidia card and on Xubuntu everything runs well. So I hope that everything mentioned above will help you somehow.

Best regards.

Andrew McHugh (andrew-mchugh) said : #2

Hi Daniel, I tried installing it off the additional drivers page, just like I did for my nividia system and didnt have any luck. I used the instructions on wiki.cchtml.com. But I will have a look at the dottech and arch links when im free, thanks.

daniel CURTIS (anoda) said : #3

Hi, good luck.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #4

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