Backing up data from a command line.

Asked by John Hulse on 2013-06-04

 I am very new to Ubunto. I am ell versed in Windows 98-Windows 8. I forgot my password for Ubunto 8.04. It no longer boots to the Ubunto graphical log in for user name and password it boots to a command line asking for the user name and password. When I tried to boot into the recovery console I get an error message " MKDIR: cannot create directory /tmp. .x11-unix : to many links". Then it goes to the command prompt root@carlyn:~#. I basically need to copy my pictures and documents from this command line etc. to my external USB drive so I can reinstall and move on.

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Why don't you have a backup? You pictures and documents are important....right? What if the drive IDE fails or similar and the drive fails to detecylt in BIOS, where is your data?

John Hulse (traumajohn) said : #2

a little to little to late. I know that now and all my other pc's are backed up. Thanks for the reply.

José Antonio Rey (jose) said : #3

Also, 8.04 is not supported anymore.

John Hulse (traumajohn) said : #4

shouldn't the commands be the same for most versions?

Boot liveCD, mount partitions and copy data off. I suggest you reasses your backups. They are clearly not fit for purpose.

John Hulse (traumajohn) said : #6

Thank you. Now I am real new to Ubunto. What is the command to use when I boot to liveCD to mount the partition and copy the data off?

The OS is call ed Ubuntu, not Ubunto.

The partition will be visible in Nautilus (the file manager). If you click it, it will mount

Again, get a better backup.

John Hulse (traumajohn) said : #9

Ok I figured something out. It is probably harder then using commands. I installed a new version of Ubunto alongside the original installation. I went into do a back up and chose some folders while in that window I actually saw the data I needed, copied and pasted it Into my usb device. Case closed by my self