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Many users are still running dual boot systems (including me) since they need some windows
application to run on their computer. I work in a university environment and can not do without
word, powerpoint, origin, etc, simply because colleagues send them to me. Within ubuntu there
does not seem to be a way around it for me (I'm not capable to get wine running properly myself for the
applications I need)
So why not have something like codeweavers crossover.
As long as people have to switch between OSs they will not be likely to fully commit themselves
to ubuntu. Given a very good working system, one might even imagine winning over some of the gamers


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Olivier (olivier-lacroix) said :

Hi !

You can try a virtualization solution, such as virtualbox. See

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paulvl (p-h-m-van-loosdrecht) said :

Dear Olivier,

Thanks, I was not aware of virtual box, which seems to work fine. Nevertheless, it would for ubuntu be
good if there was something like crossover which allows to simply start a windows command without
full starting of the OS. I.e. just click on a .doc file to start word, etc.
This does not seem to be possible with virtualbox.
Obviously this is not a problem, just a suggestion or wish if you want.

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Olivier (olivier-lacroix) said :

Sure. But the more common files can be opened with native linux programs. Forinstance, Openoffice is able to read and write .doc and other Microsoft office formats

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paulvl (p-h-m-van-loosdrecht) said :

Correct. For word this is a nearly perfect replacement. For microcal origin there is the program qtiplot as replacement (which is really good), but there is no way to open files from other people (or export to microcal format). For that one really has to use the original still.
Still, as I said, just for making ubuntu more attractive for windows die-hards I think it would be a good idea to have better integration of windows based programs.