Mounting drives in desktop v7.1

Asked by Jeff McDermaid on 2007-12-24

I have a hard disk with 4 partitions, two unmounted. I created two directories for the other two. I cannot find where, using the desktop GUI, I mount the partitions. I can do it via command line, but would like to know where I do it with the desktop GUI.



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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :

Please tell more about your unmounted partitions are them NTFS...?

Thank you

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Jeff McDermaid (captnmac) said :

A 320 Gb disk, 1st partition Ext3, with Ubuntu installed.
2nd is Linux-swap
3rd is ext3
4th is ext3
Third and fourth are empty at the moment.


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Olivier (olivier-lacroix) said :

Hi !

You need to add a line for each partition in the fstab file. See

It is not graphic, but not that hard to understand.

In my opinion, your disk partitioning is not optimal. Since you have a huge amount of space, I advise you to use a separate partition for the /home/folder : that really eases the reinstall process if you come to break your system. And I do not understand why you would want to have others ext3 partitions.

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Jeff McDermaid (captnmac) said :

I am using the computer as a file server. First partition for linux system
3rd for database files to be accessed by several different users.
4th partition for backup storage of mp3's used by my music server.


Still looking how to mount the partitions via GUI.

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Olivier (olivier-lacroix) said :

In my opinion, editing the fstab file is the way to go. Tell me if you need more help

Why do you need a graphical interface ?

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Jeff McDermaid (captnmac) said :

GUI = familiar, ala Windows...what I am most comfortable with. After a little reading, discovered that Webmin has a module that works. Yes, I can edit fstab, but I definitely not familiar with all the proper command line options.

Thanks for the help,