How to get Initial Log-in Options?

Asked by Navin Talati on 2012-08-12

I have Windows 7, Windows XP and Ubuntu 12.04 on different HDD in the system. The first bootable is the HDD with Ubuntu 12.04. Each OS was installed independently detaching other HDD. Windows were installed earlier and then Ubuntu. (of course it makes no difference as none of them have common HDD). When I connect all the three and login through Ubuntu, it used to exhibit the option for the above THREE O.S. and I was entering to the respective interested/desired o.s. But now due to some unforeseen reason I am not getting the option of WIN XP. However in "Computer" it shows all the partitions and I can assess the data and can do what ever I need.
What could be the reason of not getting the login option for Win XP ? How can I resolve it?
Navin Talati / 12-8-2012

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Alessandro Menti (elgaton) said : #1

The operating systems that are shown in the boot menu are determined:
1) when you install Ubuntu, and
2) every time you install or update an Ubuntu kernel or the GRUB package.

They are determined by scanning all disks, finding all available operating systems on them and inserting them into the menu.

In your case, I think you installed Ubuntu (or a kernel, or updated GRUB) when only the drive containing Ubuntu was inserted, thus the other operating systems were not found.

Just connect all your hard drives, open a terminal and type "sudo update-grub", entering your password when prompted; all the operating system should be found and inserted into the GRUB menu. Also, remember to have all your hard drives installed into the case every time you update a kernel or the GRUB package.

Navin Talati (n-m-talati) said : #2

On applying command "sudo update-grub" through terminal, the problem is solved.
Many many thanks.
Navin Talati / 12-8-2012