changing rhythmbox by an other music player

Asked by Moez Bouhlel on 2012-06-02

Rhythmbox is a basical music player and don't have enougth futures to became the official music player for an OS that would be modern and popular.
So why ubuntu don't use an other complet music player, there are a huge list of good music player that are complet as itunes in Mac X OS and WMP in Win.
I don't think banshee is the solution (slow and with not enougth futures)
i think the best solutions are clementine (but it use Qt lib) or Tomahawk (still in developement, but there are enougth time until v. 12.10 if ubuntu-team decide from now to integred to 12.10)
why i chosed these 2 apps?, because ,first, they are full complet and ,second, in my 512Mo and x64 PC i found them more light then Rhythmbox.
there are more others solutions some are so slow (like Amork wich i can't open it in my PC even in lubuntu session) and others that i hadn't enought time to take a good look at them (like songbird, miro,...)

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Then install clementine or tomahawk and set it as the default player. I don't see any special featured in itunes that cannot be achieved in Linux (except access the itunes store which is proprietary).

Moez Bouhlel (lejenome) said : #2

installing them is so easy, but for new ubuntu (linux) user, they will not search for a better music player, they will use in the begginig just the official one wich will be a part of their view point about ubuntu (linux) or to be more clear, it will be their first experience (so important) wich will help them to decide if to continue to use ubuntu or turn back to their first OS (win or mac).
discovring an other music player (better music player after tring worse solution) can't be only after many weeks (so late).

Rhythmnbox is not the 'official' one at all, it's just default installed, nothing more.

You could submit a bug to get it possibly changed.

Moez Bouhlel (lejenome) said : #4

Thinks, But, can you tell me how to submit this bug and what app or package to chose as in fault?

Moez Bouhlel (lejenome) said : #5

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.


ubuntu-bug ubuntu

Should start the process nicely

Moez Bouhlel (lejenome) said : #7

couldn't use "ubuntu-bug ubuntu" because there isn't an paquet named ubuntu so i used ubutnu-desktop as the paquet, the report link: , if there is any fault please correct it (i haven't a good idea about reporting bugs)