Which services must be stopped during shutdown/reboot on Edgy?

Asked by Ricardo Pérez López on 2006-09-27

In Edgy, the Teardown spec indicates that there are services which are not needed to be stopped during shutdown/reboot, in order to have a faster shutdown (or reboot) process.

Which services must be stopped during shutdown/reboot on Edgy?

I have the following files into the /etc/rc0.d directory:

ricardo@yuggoth:~$ /bin/ls /etc/rc0.d -F
K01gdm@ K20firestarter@ K25hwclock.sh@ S31umountnfs.sh@
K01usplash@ K20flashplugin-nonfree@ K25mdadm@ S40umountfs@
K12dbus@ K20hddtemp@ K50alsa-utils@ S49evms@
K15fetchmail@ K20inetd@ K86ppp@ S50lvm@
K19cupsys@ K20ivman@ K89atd@ S50mdadm-raid@
K19mysql-ndb-mgm@ K20laptop-mode@ README S60umountroot@
K19postgresql-8.1@ K20mysql@ S01linux-restricted-modules-common@ S90halt@
K19samba@ K20postfix@ S15wpa-ifupdown@
K20ddclient@ K21mysql-ndb@ S20sendsigs@
K20festival@ K21spamassassin@ S30urandom@

I have practically the same in /etc/rc6.d, excepting S90reboot instead of S90halt.

I wonder if any of the above files is not needed.

Thanks a lot.

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Any reasons why you want to remove one these services?

I only want to remove the services during shutdown/reboot, in order to get a faster shutdown (or reboot) process, exactly like Teardown spec says.

Luca Falavigna (dktrkranz) said : #3

If you look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Teardown page, you will find a table with a lot of information in it, including save removal of such services.

Thanks, Luca. I believe such services will be removed by default.