Migrating from SuSE 10 to Ubuntu 7.04

Asked by NikTheGeek

I know this is probably answered in the thread "Migrating from Suse to Ubuntu"! :) But I want to make extra sure!!

I have a SuSE 10.0 64bit system installed with the following partitions:
/ on /dev/hda1
/home on /dev/hda2
/downloads on /dev/hda3

I'm bored of SuSE now and I have 10 SuSE servers at work (SLES) anyway to play with. I find it slow and I have one or two problems such as usb support has stopped working.

I have the CD pack for Ubuntu 7.04 and have it installed on my Vaio laptop. I'm very impressed and it is nice and fast. So I want to put it on my main machine at home. Lets be honest, if it doesn't work out, I can get SuSE 10.3 and other than wasted time, I'm no worse off - AS LONG AS I DON'T LOSE MY DATA!!! And thats the bit I'm worrying about.

I don't have a spare hard disk, but I can burn really important stuff to CD. So if I install Ubuntu, what are my options?

Will I be prompted to "upgrade" replacing SuSE in / on /dev/hda1 or will I have to format it and replace it? Will I have the option of leaving /home on /dev/hda2 and then mounting it and attaching it to my username at a later stage or will Ubuntu create a /home somewhere else and break it all?

Your advice would be appreciated....



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Qwerty Maniac (qwertymaniac) said :

You do get an option of Manually setting the partition details. In it you should be able to mount your existing partitions as /home, /boot, etc and having the choice of formatting them or not. So just mount the /home, choose not to format it, mount the rest ( i.e. Just / ) and let them be formatted.

You can later mount /downloads via FSTAB.

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NikTheGeek (nikthegeek) said :

Ok, I'll give it a go over the weekend. Thanks!

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NikTheGeek (nikthegeek) said :

I did it last night. It went flawlessly. I formated / on /dev/hda1 but didn't format either of the other 2 partitions. I told it I wanted to mount /hda2 as /home and when it all installed and booted up, it had bought everything accross inc Firefox faves and Thunderbird emails. I did have to re-download the likes of Thunderbird, but once downloaded they worked with no more confirguration. Even my KDE desktop wallpaper and icons were migrated to my Gnome desktop.

Very impressed. Thanks!