How to install a program that is not on "Add/Remove..." ?

Asked by Wladston Viana on 2006-09-16

I was not happy with "Mail notification", and with "Gmail-notify". Kcheckgmail seems like an application for people who use Kubuntu, as it depends on kde libs... I'm under Gnome.

Checking the internet, looks like "checkgmail" is the best option :

I've tried via the "Add/Remove...", and checkgmail is not listed. I hit the "Advanced" and made a search, but not there too.

Then, I've tried to run sudo apt-get install checkgmail, and it said that "E: Couldn't find package checkgmail".

Now i don't know what do do anymore!! Shall I download and try the .tar.gz file on the checkgmail's site ? Or is it safe to enable and use Asher256's repository ?? And will checkgmail update itself once it's installed ?

Thanks very much for the help! :)

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Munchkinguy (10068660) said : #1

Go back to the "Advanced" Add/Remove Programs (aka Synaptic Package Manager). Checkgmail is located in the "Universe", which is not enabled when you install Ubuntu.

To enable the Universe in Synaptic:
   1. Settings -> Repositories
   2. In the Installation Media tab, click "Add".
   3. Check-mark the option "Community Maintained (Universe)".
   4. Click OK.
   5. Click "Close".
   6. Reload.

Now you can install checkgmail using Synaptic, or Add/Remove, or apt-get!

If you're ever stuck on installing stuff, check out . Also, if you have no more questions, please mark this support request as "Answered"

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #2

Thanks for your support!

I have done everything exactly like you said - but the only package is still the Kcheckgmail, on the two applications.

and apt-get checkgmail returns the same error as before...

Munchkinguy (10068660) said : #3

Sorry about that. You can download a package from Debian. It seems to work quite well. Chose a mirror at

After you install it, just type checkgmail in the terminal.

Munchkinguy (10068660) said : #4

Actually, don't type it in the terminal; type it in the deskbar.
Also, you can go:
System --> Preferences --> Sessions --> Startup Programs
and then click "Add", and type in checkgmail, so that it starts up every time you log in.

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #5


Well, on the site they say that this version does not work.

I've found this one, that is the latest :

Tried to install it. It complained about libgtk2-trayicon-perl. Tryed to apt-get and got this :
E: Couldn't find package libgtk2-trayicon-perl

And now, what can I do ?

Another question is will checkgmail update itself like the other programs installed via "add/remove..." ?

Thanks very much!

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #6

oh - found this libgtk2-trayicon-perl one on synaptic after adding the reposotories as you've first suggested!

Now, it finally looks like it's working!!

Thanks very much!

The only remaining question is if the program will be able to auto-update itself.

Munchkinguy (10068660) said : #7

It will not auto-update. You will have to install any new updated packages manually.

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #8

And is there anyways to propose using checkgmail instead of gmail-notify for the ubuntu projetits, so the checkgmail can update itself?

From the project pages, one can see clearly that the checkgmail has much more release activity than gmail-notify.

Also, they have already included kcheckgmail, why not to include checkgmail too ?

Alex Vaughn (aevaughn) said : #9

This seems to be a different question. So, I would ask for you to open up a feature specification request( Also, if your original question has been answered, then I would ask for you to close this support request for the support team!

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #11

finally someone included it.

And my specification wasn't even looked at. now I gotta find out how to delete it ...