Creating a path to a network folder

Asked by Wladston Viana on 2006-09-12

I have decided to fully mygrate from windows to ubuntu, and I still don't know how to do operations in the desktop.

I want to create a path to a shared network folder (on another computer). On windows, if you drag and drop the folder, the path is created, but if you do this in ubuntu, it makes a copy of the folder.

What is the equivalent of the windows drag and drop to create this path ?

Thanks very very much,

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Luca Falavigna
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Luca Falavigna (dktrkranz) said : #1

You can use Places -> Connect to server.
See also

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #2

Thanks for the reply, Luca!

I have tried, but it did not work for me. :( I used sbm://matheus/wladston and it did not wanted to open up.... I clicked it and nothing heappened....

I've discovered that you have to right-click the shared folder them choose "Connect to this server". Then, an Icon will be placed on desktop.

I would suggest to "unhide" this from the user. Maybe changing the default drag-drop operation, maybe by haiving a "Place path on desktop" name, insread of "Connect to this server"...

Should I fill up a bug/Specification ?

Luca Falavigna (dktrkranz) said : #3

Try following the procedure listed under "Connecting to your file space under Linux/UNIX with GNOME Nautilus using SMB" in this page:

A little recap:
Server: server IP or hostname (without smb://)
Share: Windows share name (without \\hostname\)
Folder: share subfolder
User name: no comment
Name: anything you like

An icon is placed on your desktop. Dobule click or, as you reported, right-click the shared folder them choose "Connect to this server". You will have to wait a bit for the share folder to open and the password request is prompted.

If i remember well, samba-client and related packages must be installed before attempting to connect, a message asking you to install them will be prompted otherwise.

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #4

Yeah, this is it Luca, thanks!

Well, for me it would be much more user friendly to use the name "Place a path on desktop" link instead of "Connect to this server". Im my mind, "connect to this server" has absolutely no relation to what i wanted - to place a path to the network folder on the desktop.

And even better option would be to ask the user if he wants to copy the files or create a path, when drag-dropping a network folder.

do you think I should place a feature request /bug?

Dean Sas (dsas) said : #5

Note that it doesn't always "place a path on desktop", I have the "display remote servers on desktop" setting off and just use the places menu to quickly connect to remote folders.

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #6

ahn, ok.

Well, forget it them... maybe this option to place a path on the desktop is too noob ...

But, if it was fool-proof like windows, it would have saved me lots of time searching and reading guides. I think the average user would probably give up and think "linux is hard to use". I personaly think that creating a path drag-and dropping is the most logical operation, i was very surprised when I drag and droped and nautilus begun copying the stuff from the network folder.

Thanks very much for your support, Deas and Luca! :)

Dean Sas (dsas) said : #7

I didn't mean to say the wording couldn't be improved, just that you have to take both ways into consideration.

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #8

Well, in this case, we have some options:

1.Modify the drag-and-drop action from copy to ask if user wants to copy the files or create a path. (i this would be nice)

2.Change the "Connect to this server" to somethig like "Create a local path" - them ask the user(checkbox) if he wants a path on desktop and if we wants a path on places menu.

What do you think ?

Dean Sas (dsas) said : #9

I think "Connect to server" makes more sense to the average user than "Create a local path".

This is something though that is better discussed as either a bug or on the nautilus mailing list at

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #10


What I wanted to do was to create a path ... not to "connect to server"...

But I won't discuss - now I know that the "connect to server" makes pathes, it's ok for me - I just wanted to make it easy for new users (on my point of view)

I would file a feature request with both Nautilus and Ubuntu. That way you are covered. That's not to say that they will implement it, but it then places the ball in their court and at least they are aware of the possible issue.

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #13

I think that these features site aren't monitored.

I still got no answer to my proposal there, almost two years after I submitted it ...

Wladston Viana (wladston) said : #14

finally made it become an idea :