I've deprevided my rootrights

Asked by Tim Feddern on 2006-09-06


i'am German, but i'll try to tell you my problem in English.

I am a new Ubuntuuser. I don't usesd Linux before.

Ubuntu is really easy to install - but now i've deleted my own administrationrights.

I can log in wih "tim" and my password.
I tryed already to change teh user to root wih the console.

"su root"
Then i had to enter the password. I took my own for the tim-account. This failed.

How i can reget my rights? I don't want to reset my system.

I hope you understood my little problem and want to help me.
Please awnser in 5th-klass-english :)!

Best regards

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Luca Falavigna (dktrkranz) said : #1

root account is disabled for security reasons.
In order to get root privileges, you have to use "sudo -i" and type in your tim's password.

Tim Feddern (tim-feddern-hh) said : #2


i wrode "sudo -i" and enterd my password.

But now i've still under System > Administration only five irrelevant points. This list was before much bigger.

That sounds like you have deleted some administration programs. Search for them in synaptics.

Dean Sas (dsas) said : #4

What groups are you in? I think perhaps you need to be in the admin group for those administration programs (gnome-system-tools) to show up.

Luca Falavigna (dktrkranz) said : #5

You could also use Alacarte menu editor to manage those items.

Tim Feddern (tim-feddern-hh) said : #6

I don't know what "synaptics" is.

I don't know in wich group i am.

And i don't know what i can do withe the editor to get my rights back.

Sorry, i am a blody beginner, i don't know anything ;)!

Dean Sas (dsas) said : #7

synaptic is the package manager (system->administration->synaptic package manager), you could check that gnome-system-tools is installed (I don't think this is your problem) using it.

To get a list of the groups you are in, open a terminal (applications -> accessories -> terminal) then type "groups". (I'm unsure this is your problem either tbh)

Dean Sas (dsas) said : #8

could you also see whether running "gksudo services-admin" in a terminal starts up a program?

Tim Feddern (tim-feddern-hh) said : #9

I found under Acelerate meue Editor the Options for the Admiistrationsofftware (Update ...).

They all are checked, but i can't start them :(.

Tim Feddern (tim-feddern-hh) said : #10

And as i wrode "groups" into the terminal he schowed me only my account.

Dean Sas (dsas) said : #11

That's odd, you shouldn't be able to run any sudo command if you're not in the admin group.

Can you try running "sudo usermod -G admin tim" ?

Tim Feddern (tim-feddern-hh) said : #12

I tryed: "sudo usermod -G admin tim".
Then i enterd my password.

Nothin happend, i can now write in the next line^^. The Adminpanel istn't there.

Dean Sas (dsas) said : #13

You shouldn't need to use the quotation marks when typing it in the terminal BTW

What does the groups command give you now?

Tim Feddern (tim-feddern-hh) said : #14

Of couse i didn't used the quotation marks!

There is only my name after the password.

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