Backing up applications, settings, games, etc..?

Asked by george_rutkay

How do I reach into my system and back up the 100 or so games plus various installed programs from my Ubuntu Linux?

Where are the programs stored? Program settings?

I have another drive connected now, it's formatted FAT32 and I want to back everything up before I reformat the Linux drive and reinstall Version 7.04.


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Best Qwerty Maniac (qwertymaniac) said :

Use AptOnCD

sudo apt-get install aptoncd

System > Administration > AptOnCD

It'll create an ISO of all packages you've downloaded and installed.

Save games are found in the respective hidden folders (Ctrl + H or Alt + DOT) under /home/username.

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Guillaume Tremblay Beaumont (guizzy) said :

Unfortunately, the answer is not simple. You will probably find that pieces of your games are split all over your file system. You will usually find configuration files, save games and the like in your own home account, in hidden directories (they have a period before their name). That's the usual behavior, but some games will store their save games elsewhere (pretty rare though). The binary file to launch the games will usually be in either /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin , although again, some will place them elsewhere (/usr/games/ or /usr/local/games). The libraries used by your game will be in /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib, and the other files will be in /usr/share or /usr/local/share.

Again, this is only the usual behavior, there are many games that don't respect this at all, and many that only respect it partly. Overall, it's a pretty big hassle trying to keep backups like that, and it would mainly end up breaking apt-get (much in the same way Windows games that are copy-pasted could have registry problems and would not appear in Add/Remove Programs). You'd probably lose much less time by just reinstalling those programs.

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Guillaume Tremblay Beaumont (guizzy) said :

Or AptOnCD's good too, true. I guess I've learned something new today!

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george_rutkay (yaktur) said :

Thanks Qwerty Maniac, that solved my question.

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george_rutkay (yaktur) said :

Thanks, you saved my bacon!!!