Gateway FPD2185W LCD Monitor Supported & Some Compiz Effects Not Being Allowed to work

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Dear Support:

I am running a Dell_Inspiration_Gen_2 (2.0GHz Processor), 2.00 GB of RAM, and Geforce 6800 Go Ultra running the Nvidia Driver and when running Windows, my Gateway FPD2185W works quite fine as either a dual monitor or a primary display over my laptop's default screen.

Problem/Issue: I do not know how to get my Gateway FPD2185W to "display" or act as a display over my regular laptop display. What do I need to do to get this to work? I hate having to stare and hurt my eyes off of my laptop's display, when there is a nice LCD monitor sitting right infront of me.

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I set up a partition of Ubuntu 7.10 giving the LinxOS about 8 GBs of free space to work off of, and upon successful install / restart, Ubuntu7.10 asked me to download/install some drivers for my Geforce 6800 Go Ultra, which installed perfectly and allowed me to then enable the "Extra Effects" under Appearance.

I Added the Compiz Manager to manage the effects, which also installed successfully, however, some key effects are automaticly Disabled??? I am unable to use the Cube or Cube Rotate (when I do the command, it only rotates a flat screen), Fire, or Water Drops (the rain affect works but I cannot make it work off the mouse curser), and etc.

I know that at least the water effect and cube should work, because I have gotten these effects to work correctly when testing Mandriva2008. Could you please help ,me to get them to work in Ubuntu7.10? Are there additional drivers that I need? I already installed what Ubuntu recommended. The "Initialize" is listed as disabled in the Compiz Manager. The very basic effect such as Window wobbling works fine.

PLease help me sort these issues out!

Thank you very much,


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Reuben Firmin
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Jbanicar (pcgcjim) said :

Update on Issue 1 Regarding Gateway LCD: I figured out how to get my 2nd display to work (The Gateway FPD2185W) by entering in "nvidia-settings" in the Terminal, and Configuring the display, although it said that it was unable to save it to the "X Server" ? Is that an issue?

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Jbanicar (pcgcjim) said :

I have gotten the Fire Effect to work by disabling the Annotate pluggin (Effect). Is there something that is preventing Water (the dripping effect that you get to follow your mouse curser) or Cube?

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Best Reuben Firmin (reubenf) said :

> I am unable to use the Cube or Cube Rotate (when I do the command, it only rotates a flat screen),

Go to general settings, and increase the number of "horizontal desktops". It defaults to 2. The rotate is working properly, it's just that there's only two sides to the "cube". You could file a bug about this default being a little unintuitive.

I don't know about the water effect.

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Jbanicar (pcgcjim) said :

Should I also adjust the Vertical size and Number of Desktops? It let me change it to "4" Horizontal Desktops, but I still didn't see a Cube.

Could it have something to do with me only having two um, "Work Spaces" at the bottom right?

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Jbanicar (pcgcjim) said :

I looked in my Nvidia Settings, and it says that the MetaMode is just 1? Should there be more than 1?

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Jbanicar (pcgcjim) said :

Thanks Reuben Firmin, that solved my question.