How do I insert user information

Asked by on 2007-10-20

When writting a letter I would like to insert my user name and address at the top of the letter. How do I do this?

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When using Open Office text editor I want to insert my user information. How do I complete this task?

I'm not sure, but, may the OpenOffice menu File->Properties->... help you...?


No! Properties was no help. There should be a button under INSERT that
allows user data to be placed in the text. At least that is the way
Microsoft Word works.

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> I'm not sure, but, may the OpenOffice menu File->Properties->... help
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Best Wrwrwr (wrwrwr) said : #4

I think there's no entry under insert, but there may be some other ways to accomplish what you're trying to do.

1. Use a wizard: file-->wizards, for example the one for letter inserts standard user data.
2. Use templates: file-->new-->templates and documents, by making your own template you can define very precisely what you'd like where.
3. Use autotext, to use it you type some shortcut and then press F3, for example type CON2 and press F3. To edit and define these shortcuts see edit-->autotext.
4. Use a macro, record it using tools-->macros-->record macro, save it and run it every time you need to repeat the process. You can even assign it some key accelerator or add it to some menu using tools-->customize.

All these methods work well. Thank you for your help!!!


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