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Asked by Mehman Jamalov on 2011-04-14

Hi,what toolkits do I need for clustering computers,please insert links for images of cluster toolkits

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Mehman Jamalov (mcamalov) said : #1

please help me in Ubuntu

What kind of clustering do you want to do? What objectives are you trying to achieve with clustering? LinuxPMI ( might be what you want, but without more information about exactly what you're trying to do, it's impossible to say.

Sam_ (and-sam) said : #3

Updated 4-2011




- Quote -
I tried installing the IntelĀ® Cluster Toolkit on the Ubuntu* operating system
and I could not. What am I doing wrong? 30-Jun-2007
The IntelĀ® Cluster Toolkit should install just fine on the Ubuntu* operating system, if
you do not select the RPM install. You can do this by running the script
and selecting the non-rpm choice, or you can use the --nonrpm option as part of the
command-line for
- End -


Mehman Jamalov (mcamalov) said : #4

I am doing rendering in Blender 2.56 and it takes long with one pc,I bought another one 2 pcs,now I want to buy and make cluster between them to achieve shorter-time-render,please help me about finding cluster tools name,like what cable do I need,what hardware do I need and so on...

Did you buy the new PC's (and did you say you bought one additional PC, or two additional PC's?) for the *purpose* of clustering? Computational clustering is most often useful if (1) the task is so big that no matter how good of a computer (within reason) you have, you still need to combine the power of multiple computers, or (2) you *already* have multiple computers lying around and ready to go. It is very often much more cost-effective--especially for a single project, and especially when you factor in the cost of the time it takes to set things up and maintain them--to buy one really powerful computer rather than buying and clustering a number of cheaper computers. I'm opening with this in case you decide that buying those additional computers was a bad idea (so you might still have time to return them).

If, on the other hand, you need all three (or all two?) computers for a different reason, then clustering may well be a good solution.

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