I downloaded Ubuntu... but how the devil...

Asked by karowj

How the devil do I make an install C.D.?

I have tried several times to burn the 'iso image' onto a disc, but whenever I complete this, the image is then on the disc and my computer asks me to burn the iso image from the disc onto my computer... my computer skips booting from it, and I am not sure what to do...

I am confused.

I have a pc.

Help me.

Thank you!

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exactt (giesbert) said :

you are running windows, do you? what version? which program do you use to burn the image?

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karowj (karowj) said :

I am running Windows Vista, and the program that it wants me to burn with (that I am burning with) is Toshiba Disc Creator.
I have burned it as image to disc, data to disc, and disc backup. -From what I hear it should be burnt as image to disc.

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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :

Yes you must "Burn image to disc"
if you are in trouble with your cd burning software you can try this free gpl2 product:
Infrarecorder http://infrarecorder.sourceforge.net/


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Ordago (ordago) said :

Did you set the BIOS to boot from the CD?
What do you see when you insert the recorded CDs in Win Vista?

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Dariel Dato-on (odd-rationale) said :

I used ISO Recorder.


First download and install ISO Recorder.

Then open Windows Explorer and navigate to the ISO file. Right-click it and select "Copy Image to CD"


Finally, enjoy Ubuntu!!!

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krsbuilt (krs4srk) said :

your computer will boot from the CD if it is set right.

to set it right you need to open the boot configuration. To do that you need to press delete in the first part of the boot-up of your computer (note that you cannot use your mouse). Then scroll over too BOOT, then scroll down to boot priority and set first priority to your CD drive.



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karowj (karowj) said :

I have tried setting my BIOS to boot from C.D., and I have tried Nero instead of TOSHIBA Disc Creator... both were fruitless in getting my startup disc to work.

I also tried downloading the ISO recorder, but it for some reason wouldn't let me install it onto my computer.

I am going to try the Infrarecorder... hopefully that will work.

I know that when I burn the ISO Image to the disc, it should burn the files from the ISO image onto the disc, and not the ISO image itself... that is where the problem seems to be... but for some reason, whenever I burn image to disc, it does just that... and when I burn data, or anything else to the disc... it does the same thing...

I have gone through about ten discs now...

Thank you all for your help, hopefully I will dominate this!

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Jo-Erlend Schinstad (joerlend.schinstad) said :

When you explore the cd in Windows, do you see a single file there, named something that ends with .iso? If so, you've written it incorrectly. The image file you downloaded is an image of a filesystem. You need to use that in order to make the cd bootable. In Nero Burning ROM, you can do this by opening a data project, closing the New Project Wizard that pops up and looking at the windows menu, I think. (It's been a while since I used Windows.) You'll find something like "Burn image".

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yadunandan (godsmack-dj) said :

hello everybody ,, i have downloaded the ubuntu latest version , but it is in compressed format , not as an iso image .. i somehow burned the file onto c.d and tried to install it but it said "boot failure" i even tried it by extracting the files , but was not worthy .i have already wasted 2 cd's. :-( . the file opens in win rar , not in nero . i have nero installed in my p.c . i'm in desperate need of ya suggestions ,, help me anyone .

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Jo-Erlend Schinstad (joerlend.schinstad) said :

If I remember correctly, winrar opens iso-images. The fact that the icon is changed, doesn't mean the filetype is different. Nero is able to burn the image to cd the right way. If you open Nero Burning ROM, then close the new compilation window that pops up, then it's in the menus somewhere. I don't remember exactly where, but you'll find it. Write image to cd, or something like that. It might be in a "recorder"-menu, if you have a menu like that. This page explains how to burn an iso image using free tools: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto

Good luck!

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yadunandan (godsmack-dj) said :

i'm very thankfull to u jo . i'm solved with my above mentioned problem .. but well ,, is it possible to install the ubuntu in an seperate local drive ? i'm currently using windows xp, and i want both of em to work ,, i have free'd "D" drive for the ubuntu installation but i guess it'll install in the drive "C" itself where my windows is installed and i dont have much space left in drive "C" , i want both of em in an seperate local hard drive .how can i do that , i have stopped the installation for this reason ,. anyhow , i'll be waiting for ya reply buddies .

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