how can i get Beryel effects on my laptop, or the ubuntu effects working?

Asked by bigj130 on 2007-09-29

   Hi, y'all are great at this answering things fast!

   Ok, my effects will not work, if i click it, it says "The Composite extension is not available"
What does that mean, and i want beryl on my computer, and I'm don't know on how i can
install this and see if it will work for me!

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try to install XGL, that should fix your problem.


bigj130 (dunham-jared) said : #2

ok? where and how can i install that?


the easiest way is to install the gnome-compiz-manager with the synaptic package manager.


bigj130 (dunham-jared) said : #4

...I did intall it and it says STILL!!

"The Composite extension is not available"

What Ubuntu version are you running? What graphic card? What driver do you use with your card?

peter b (b1pete) said : #6


This applies to ubuntu feisty. This URL

gives you a complete howto install compiz with nvidia and ati display adapters. As you'll notice, Envy will install the video adapter drivers prior to effectively installing compiz. XGL must be installed if fglrx ati drivers are installed and the session must be XGL prior to using compiz --replace command.

I tried this howto and works flawlessly.

peter b

bigj130 (dunham-jared) said : #7

Thanks, i did evrything, but it dident work out...

I just want a easy effect thingy, and my desktop effects arent on my computer any more...


bigj130 (dunham-jared) said : #8

ok, i just got beryl installed and i have the manger of beryl on, but nothing is happening?
Whats wrong?

Simos Xenitellis  (simosx) said : #9

The desktop effects functionality require a supported graphics card.
Can you please tell us what graphics card you have?
To find out what is your graphics card, click on Applications/Accessories/Terminal

and in there type the command

lspci and press Enter.

One of the lines describes the graphics card. Can you post the line about the graphics card or simply post all lines?

peter b (b1pete) said : #10


Just some comments

-firstly, beryl made an alliance with compiz a while ago and the new entitity/project is called 'compiz fusion'; beryl web sites were by and large taken down; I'd recommend using the latest eyecandy compiz fusion'

-secondly, I'd recommend to remove ALL beryl and old compiz packages prior to attempting a new install

-thirdly, as requested by Simos also, please tell us what display adapter you're having installed and post here also your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file contents. AND
please tell us what ubuntu version you're using.

We'll pick it up from there and try to help you.

peter b

bigj130 (dunham-jared) said : #11

Sorry, im back, and i have a xgl session and my version is 7.10, the new one, and i dont know how to tell you the rest you want me to tell you..

I re, re, re, re installed ubuntu and updated over and over, and thought i should come back to this place..
And i did, so here i am with the FULL effects on and with my little dock at the bottom. :)

I feel home...
But ya, i still want more...

If its reachable, ill get it!! Or ill try!


peter b (b1pete) said : #12

According to your last post if I read it right, you've got successfully installed and in good working order

- advanced desktop effects ie compiz fusion, and,
- awn manager

also, you tell us that ..."I feel home'... and that ...'I still want more'...

 for that I'd recommend opening a new ticket and closing this one; this ticket as the title says, pertains to Beryl effects. tell us on the new ticket what specifically you'd liike and for sure somebody will try to answer.

in closing, I'm happy to hear that you've got beryl/compiz working and some.

peter b

bigj130 (dunham-jared) said : #13

Well, no..
I still dont have beryl, i just want a step by step instructions to install this...
Or somthing...

I did get beryl on one.. i mean compiz-fusion; i want that, not beryl...

bigj130 (dunham-jared) said : #14

Ok, i got it install playing with the package manager...

kharbadenn (kharbadenn) said : #15

i am using ubuntu 7.10. dual core processor. no graphic card.

peter b (b1pete) said : #16


according to your last post it looks like everything re this ticket topic is resolved.

so, please close this ticket, it is v old also.

peter b