Will I be able to run Photoshop and my other apps on Ubuntu?

Asked by gordon w on 2007-09-27

I would like to replace my windows OS with a linux system, I have heard good things about Ubuntu. I have a few concerns though so if someone has some answers I would be grateful.
Firstly I use Adobe Photoshop regularly and need to continue running it, I also run various Canon camera software and use an Epson printer. In addition to this I have a laptop and PDA that I connect and sync.
I enjoy the layout of windows but find it buggy and am tired of reinstalling to fix the problems as it wastes far too much time. I believe WINE will run many windows apps (not sure about photoshop) but are there drivers for my Canon cameras and Epson printer? My PDA has a microsoft OS which as far as I know I can't change.

All advice appreciated. :)



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Short answer:- Photoshop, possibly under WINE, but unlikely to work 100%. You'll have to try it.
You don't say which Canon camera or Epson printer, some models are supported, others aren't.

Bruce M. (canar-ciudad) said : #2

Hi Gordon,

First off you should download the Ubuntu Live CD and run it from your CD ROM. It will not bother your Widows setup at all. Then after you've tried it for a while and if you have space on your HD you can install it and run a duel boot system with Windows.

Check out the WINE site for Windows programs compatable with WINE:


   Adobe PhotoShop has not been tested yet.

  Read this too:


   There are also a couple of "commercial" WINE like programs you can get as well, one shuch example is Codeweaver:


These sites (there are more) will give you Linux software equivalent to Windows software:


   Look at GIMP ... which installs automatically with Ubuntu (7.04)

   What PDA do you have?
   Mine is a Tungsten E/2 ... I had problems at first but did it quite nicely with JPilot, and with CardExport (commercial program for the Palm) you can use your Palm as a Card Reader as well. I used it to "copy" my email to Thunderbird in Linux.

As to your printers and Cameras I'm not sure, but the cameras "should" connect well if you use USB connections. But do some reading first.

Have a nice day
Bruce Milmine

gordon w (gwtigger) said : #3

Hi again

Thanks Alan, thanks Bruce.

You've both been very helpful. As far as my camera's go I can simply use a card reader for transferring pictures, not being able to use the editing software is probably not going to be a big problem. I use an Epson R200 photo printer which is actually pretty good and so I would obviously like to continue using it, will have to see if it runs after setting up Ubuntu.

The Live CD is a great idea, I will give that a go on the laptop. I will see if and how well Photoshop works and then take it from there. As far as my PDA goes its an HP pocket PC. Will definitely have a look at those links.

Thanks again for all you help.