Wireless troubles on Ubuntu

Asked by brew on 2007-09-19

i have recently just installed Ubunto desktop edition 6.06. i have an acer aspire 5000 with an AirForce One 54g wireless card. I am experiencing problems with the driver im assuming, i found a tutorial on "how to fix this" but for some reason some of the steps require to be in "root". i understand that it just like the administrator account as in Windows but i cannot perform certain functions this tutorial is telling me to.....PLEASE HELP!

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James Taji (james.taji) said : #1

Are you following this tutorial? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Broadcom_BCM4318_%5BAirForce_One_54g%5D

Any tutorial designed for ubuntu like this one, should be using sudo for commands which require root privileges, which requires the user's password only.

Especially on a laptop, you would be better off installing the latest Ubuntu 7.04 for increased hardware support.

Kẏra (thekyriarchy) said : #2

What are the instructions you are trying to follow?

brew (brubaby22) said : #3

hey james that link wasnt te one i was trying to follow, however it seems to be more informal. just one question, the ubuntu 6.06 that i have installed right now does not have the "network manager" that the tutorial i was reading reffered to? If i do install this new version (7.04) is it garunteed to work with my hardware?......I own an acer remember lol

p.s. thanx for yer promtness on answering my question:)

James Taji (james.taji) said : #4

That guide is written using 7.04, so it may or may not work with 6,06. The network manager is a new addition, and normally a very good thing, but I guess it doesn't work with this solution for the Airforce card.

The hardware support in general is better in 7.04, and is the first one which has all the hardware in my laptop working out of the box, including memory card readers and multimedia keys.

brew (brubaby22) said : #5

hey james i followed that tutorial from the link u gave me and i get lost at the section "compiling ndiswrapper".....can you maybe giveme more detaild instructions???

James Taji (james.taji) said : #6

That section seems straight-forward. Which step are you getting stuck on? Please include any error messages exactly as they appear.

brew (brubaby22) said : #7

i just dont understand the whole process really.....i have the ndiswrapper file on this computer and i try transporting it in a flash drive or sumthing?? :$

brew (brubaby22) said : #8

do i have to be running windows and ubuntu on the same machine to have this work?

Mackenzie Morgan (maco.m) said : #9

If you have the ndiswrapper source, you can move it to your Ubuntu computer using a flash drive (if it's not already on there). You don't need to have Windows for ndiswrapper to work, just have the Windows driver. Ndiswrapper lets Ubuntu use Windows networking drivers.

To get to a root shell, type in the command line "sudo -i". Alternatively, you can put "sudo" before each command you want to execute as root ("super user do"....like Simon Says)

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